Is there a quick way to get to the bottom of a forum topic, i.e., the most recent posts?

While getting to the most recent posts on threads is not normally an issue here, there is one useful thread, “What are you spinning right now?”, that is quite long and well subscribed (closing in on 10,000 posts). I took a look at it for the first time yesterday and quickly saw that it would take a whole lot of page reloading and time just to get past 2016 and 2017. Is there a way to maneuver within long threads like that more easily?

‘Grab’ the ‘slider’ on the right and pull it to the bottom.


There is a line to the right. Click on the most recent date on the bottom to get to the end of the thread. Click on the top of the line to get to the beginning of the thread.

On the main forum page to the right of each thread title you’ll see a number of responses and a time below it showing how long ago the most recent reply was posted. If you click that time (i.e. 2 Min) it will take you to the most recent reply.

Thanks, got it (or them).

Or make sure you are logged in when you visit the forum. When logged in, clicking on a topic will take you to the last response you viewed so you can pick up the thread where you left off.

If not logged in, you’ll default to the the first post in the thread.

Also, if you logged in elsewhere on the site, when you go to the forum page, you’ll note that you will not be shown as logged in. If I click on the “login” button, I will automatically be logged into the forum IF I had previously logged in on another page on the website.


Thanks, Howard. I was unaware of that. At least a few of us have noted that break from being logged in, say, at Paul’s Posts and maneuvering over here, as I was yesterday. It seems like something that needs fixing.

Which causes me to ask: can I also select someone who suggests interesting music regularly?