Power Plant top cover removal

I was wondering, as it looks like the Power Plant chassis is designed similar to the DS and DMP, if the top cover comes off the same way. If it does, it seems like it would be a b!tch to actually get the cover off, given the size and weight of a P15 or P20.

It’s a lot easier than the DSD. It’s held down by the 4 screws along the sides of the 15 and 20. You can then get some leverage to take it off on the back.

Thanks @jamesh! Sounds a lot better than trying to wrestle that thing around.

Ha, we certainly have some strong guys in production, but I don’t know how well they’d fair having to wrestle each one of them. :smile:

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I must be getting old, as I can’t remember just how I took the cover off the P15 some two years ago! :frowning_face: And now I’d like to pull the top cover off the P20.

I removed the 4 hex head side screws from the top four locations, 2 on either side, but it’s still not clear to me how the cover comes off. Do I have to also remove those two smaller Phillips head screws on the top edge on the back?

Once the 4 screws are removed the best way to remove the top is by using a ‘tile lifter’.
I bought one for this purpose, cost me around $7 - $8 and it has a lift weight of around 20kg.
Lifted the lid off a P10 without any issues.

If using something to pry the lid off the paintwork will be damaged.

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Thank you, @sheridd2! I wonder if that will work with the protective plastic still on the top cover?

I would imagine if the plastic cover goes over the edges of the top I don’t see why it wouldn’t work ok.
If the cover goes across the top, onto the outer chassis, then obviously it will get pulled by the tile lifter.

Yeah, removing those 4 hex screws, then using a tile lifter/ some sort of suction cup, life up gently from the middle point of the top. You may also get away with pulling on the back metal bar, but the suction cup is more reliable and less damaging. Be mindful of the EMI strips and don’t loose those, as they can short internal components should they fall in the wrong spot.

That should do it. Oh, and make sure it’s unplugged for at least a couple hours. :slight_smile: