Jay's Audio NEW Dac Alert!

For $5,596.you can have their CDT2 - MK3 Transport AND their BRAND NEW DAC2- MK3 JUST released on their website.
Impossible to beat their bang for your buck !!

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They have an impressive stack of parts inside for the money, their factor on parts to calculate MSRP must be smaller than others :wink: But their marketing, focused on parts used and redbook is enough doesn’t really convince me.

Anyway it would be interesting to hear how the focus they have finally sounds.

I am over the moon impressed with my Jay’s Audio CDT2-MKIII transport! It is a wonderful product that pleases me a great deal.

And as much as I enjoy the product, I enjoy the service and support from Alvin at Jay’s Audio even more! I am not messing around here, Alvin is good as it gets. Right up at the top of the list with Jord from Pink Faun.

Dealing with these two gentlemen as well as our Paul here at PS Audio have spoiled me.

One of the most impressive things about Jay’s Audio is that I originally bought a CDT2-MKII transport. When they came out with the Mark III version they made a reasonably priced kit that allowed owners of the Mark II version to upgrade to the Mark III version. I performed the upgrade myself using the excellent video guide they offered showing how to do it.

Anyone who speaks ill of Jay’s Audio most likely hasn’t had any experience with the company or its products.


Here Here !!
Hats off to aangen !!!
Can’t wait for the NEW Dac to be reviewed.

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Jay’s Audio CD transport looks interesting, but I just wish it was compatible with SACDs.

I totally understand. Part of what makes it such a special piece for Red Book CDs is the fact that the laser is an old school pre computer audio laser designed for Red Book CDs only.

I did not know that.
How did you come upon the info ??

Has anyone compared the Jay’s Audio transport to the PST? I have the PST and it sounds sublime, much better than the DMP. I have never heard the Jay’s Audio, however.

Edit : oops this thread is about their dac, maybe my post can be moved to the transport thread.

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I researched the product extensively before I bought it.

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But, they could have that, and add a second laser designed solely for SACD. (If technically feasible)

Does the world need another R2R DAC?

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It’s very expensive to license an SACD playback chain, and probably out of the price range planned to use a drive from someone who has as PS Audio did with Oppo and is doing with their new transport.

How can licensing be expensive when you can get a Sony 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray player with SACD built in for under $200 US ?

Oops, dummy Neil, it’s SONY! Although Samsung, until recently, had comparably priced units.

Keep in mind that for every audiophile transport sold, thousands of consumer players are purchased.

But most of the SACD players sold are in cheap Blu-Ray disc players and Play Stations, not in audiophile players, but it sure hasn’t helped the sale of SACD discs. I’m not even sure it’s helping the sale of video discs anymore. I wonder if in five years any non-audiophile players will even be sold? The masses seem to care less and less about discs.

I am sorry; I was unclear.

SACD licensing is much easier for a manufacturer to absorb when it is $1/unit v. $500/unit (numbers chosen for illustration purposes).

Thus, manufacturers which sell thousands and thousands of units can afford the licensing where it can be prohibitive or at least a significant challenge for small volume audiophile manufacturers.

I suspect the ability to play SACD is merely a marketing selling point for most consumers. “I want this player because it has one more feature.”

I’m wondering why there’s a discussion about a DAC of a company I’ve never heard before. Isn’t it an international PS Audio family forum ?
Is twablt a clerk / supporter (for sure) of this company ? Shall we destroy our DSD DACs because the other DAC is so much better, faster, higher, smaller, bigger, prettier, cheaper and we shall buy it ? And / or shall we start a discussion about all other manufacturers of DACs / Transports and praise their much better work because Paul and his engineering team could never reach their professionalism?
I think I’m in the wrong movie.
Just my 2 cents

I am sure a few more denizens will chime in with a similar reply, that is –

This forum is NOT dedicated to PS Audio-related matters, kit, etc. and is a pretty free and open marketplace of ideas.

Speaking for myself, we are a collection of audio kit and music enthusiasts on a forum that PS Audio graciously sponsors with no strings attached – other than a pretty high bar being set as to decorum and civility.



Have licensing agreements changed since my last involvement in the industry, 1997? It used to be the same fee per unit, no matter how many units you made. Under that structure the fee has the same impact no matter how many units sold. Now, if they are operating under a flat fee, then yes, the more units sold would result in a lower per unit cost for the fee.