Current Opinions of Jays Audio CDT2-MkII Transport

Thinking about acquiring one. I’m interested in current owners current impressions of the device when paired with DS.


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I love mine, yes I do. I have it connected to my DSD via an HDMI cable. It’s a whole lot of greatness for a pretty reasonable price. When I ordered it I asked that it be configured to use with my DSD. It was plug and play on arrival. Highly recommended!!!

F*#kin’ Awesome! This transport proved to be a fantastic pairing for my DirectStream and represents excellent value. My unit was pre-configured for the DS just like @aangen’s unit.

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Though sale has been suspended temporarily until they can catch up you might want to check with Alvin at Vinshine and see if the Denafrips Avatar can also be preconfigured for the DS like the Jay’s. Alvin also sold the Jays for some time so he should have a good idea.

And as an alternative, I still love my PS Audio PWT. Great sound, reliable operation and an easily replaced DIY (and cheap) optical drive. These typically sell for under $1k used on Agon, etc.

The Jays Audio does look like a well made unit and if it can seamlessly interface to the DS DAC then it should be a winner as well.

I have both actually. I replaced the PWT with the Jay’s. I had no problem with the PWT. It’s sitting on a shelf. I should offer it up for sale as it is a fine unit.

Are the HDMI pin configurations and set up the same on the DirectStream DAC and the DirectStream DAC Junior?


Don’t hate me… but look who has a “new and improved” flagship version of this.


These are Steve Guttenberg’s favorite transports. And the Denafrips DACS are his favorite also.

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I too had a PWT prior to my Jay’s CDT. I sold the PWT to a happy new owner. It was a great Redbook transport. The Jay’s transport is better still.

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Yes sir.

Thanks everybody for your replies. Has anyone compared various HDMI cables in use specifically with Jay’s CDT2 and DSD?

I am making do with a Wireworld Platinum Starlight 7. I may try it with a Revelation Audio Labs as well.

I’m using the audioquest COFFEE with my DSD transport to IS2 on DSD dac… I was using it with my Jay’s cdt before I bought the DSD transport. I find the Jays to be Consistently clear if not brighter when I had it. I really love redbokk and would recommend Jays. The PSA combo I am using is really top notch with an excellent soundstage with lots of head room.
Incidentally–if you own a transport you owe it to youself to TRY ONE OF OCTAVE MUSIC discs

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I concur re AQ Coffee. Excellent cable by all measures.

Like @aangen I began with a Wireworld Platinum Starlight 7 HDMI. I’ve since moved the Wireworld cable over to my Oppomod-ed UDP-203 and now use a RAL HDMI for the I2S connection between the CDT2 and the DirectStream. The RAL was a small but meaningful upgrade over the Wireworld. Both are superior to my prior digital reference interconnect, the Kimber Orchid AES/EBU.

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Same trip for me, ending with the RAL.

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A question for the owners regarding CDT2-MkII. It has a I2S output, but does it play SACD? I do not think it support SACD, am I correct?

No SACD, just plain-old amazing sounding Redbook CD. I use an Oppomod UDP-203 as a transport for 2ch SACD with my DirectStream DAC. Oppomod’s inexpensive I2S output card provides a native hi-rez output.

Thanks, I guess I will be looking for a external converter box to connect to DirectStream DAC then. At least they are very reasonable priced.