Je suis Badbeef

I was thinking, did people consider rebuilding great buildings back in year 1000? Fortunately, the resources and technology exist today. I make the comment, not to be odd, rather internalizing how much I take for granted, you don’t always take time to appreciate what’s in the now. I never visited the cathedral, I wish I had.

That’s it! I apologize to bad beef and all of you for my haste and vocabulary lapse. If you’re in London on a Sunday, they have a chapel service open to the public and the orchestra winds from the Guard Band provide the music in the place of an organ. It is an Episcopal service, of course.

“badbeef.” Damn autocorrect. Why didn’t it do “apse” for me?

Speaking of l’apses -Phone-spelling-wise, Siri is, IMHO, an Evil Woman*. She stubbornly refused to learn the correct spelling of my wife’s name until - I shit you not - the day she died, whereupon Siri got it right. She’ll be Forever on my Sir-it-List.

  • I realize it’s a bot, and that you can make the “voice” male or whatever. Inspired to spin some ELO though : )