Joane Osborne (album)



If you have never listened to the album, Relish, pick a copy up at the nearest used CD shop or Amazon. Besides the overplayed, “What if God Was One of Us?” , this album has some gems and is well recorded. Ms. Osborne really showed her vocal range and can just flat out sing. Here is a list and credits of the music on the album.

All songs written by Joan Osborne, Eric Bazilian, Rob Hyman and Rick Chertoff unless otherwise indicated.

“St. Teresa” – 5:20

"Man in the Long Black Coat" (Bob Dylan) – 4:49

"Right Hand Man" (Osborne, Bazilian, Hyman, Chertoff, Don Van Vliet) – 4:57

"Pensacola" – 4:32

"Dracula Moon" – 6:32

"One of Us" (Bazilian) – 5:21

"Ladder" – 4:11

"Spider Web" (Joan Osborne, Chertoff, Gary Lucas, Sammy Merendino, Chris Palmaro) – 5:34

"Let’s Just Get Naked" (Joan Osborne, Bazilian) – 5:08

"Help Me" (Sonny Boy Williamson II, Ralph Bass) – 5:14

"Crazy Baby" (Joan Osborne) – 6:31

"Lumina" (Joan Osborne, Bazilian) – 3:08

"One of Us" contains an introduction of “The Airplane Ride,” a spiritual written by J. S. McConnel and sung by Nell Hampton, under license from Alan Lomax. Used by permission.

“Ladder” contains a sample from “Mambo Sun,” written by Marc Bolan under license from Straight Ahead Productions Ltd. TRO/Essex Music International (ASCAP) as recorded by T. Rex. Used by permission.

Some of my favorites are Spider Web, Lumina, St. Teresa, and Man in the Long Black Coat.

After this album, I anticipated her next releases with lots of hope. But somewhere she lost her inspiration. Or something.

But I’m sure if you like pop/ rock and female vocals you will enjoy this CD and add it to your collection. I’ve even used the CD to help tune my system at times.

Good listening,

Steven B-)


Thanks Steve I just ordered it.


Have fun Paul. I think you’ll like it.




I have owned Joan Osborn’s “Relish” since it was first released in 1995. As I type this, I am now listening to it once again thanks to your reminder about it. I have forgotten what a great gem that it is both for it’s music as well as sound quality.



FYI…Elbow Jane does a great live rendition of “St. Teresa” …the mandolin accompaniment and spot-on vocal harmonies make it well worth the listen!


It’s an old favorite of mine.