JR28 with Dirac/Qobuz/DLNA to DS DAC

I posted these questions on on the JRiver forum last week, haven’t had a response. Any help would be most appreciated!

Good morning,
Last month I installed Dirac and it works great with my library and a USB connection. I can’t get it to work with DLNA and Qobuz. I’ll list my system specs, describe what I see, and I bet someone can’t point out what I am not doing correctly.

Computer: Dell XPS laptop (i7, 16 GB, Windows 10 64 bit) ; Control Panel Sound Speakers set to PSAudio USB Audio 2.0 (default), JR Media Center (ready)
Library: QNAP NAS on my network
DAC: PSAudio DirectStream with Bridge II
JR28: version 28.0.80 (64-bit)
Qobuz: installed into Streaming per Forum directions, UI shows up within JR and plays

Case 1: USB playing from Library
Player Audio Path shows Input (…) _> Dirac Live Processor → Output using Direct Sound
DSP Studio with Dirac enabled shows level bars moving
All good and sounds great and can control with JRemote as well

Case 2: USB playback from Qobuz streaming
Playing works and sounds good
Question 1: How do it know what the audio path is and whether Dirac is working?
Question 2: JRemote only shows JR streaming channels. Is there another way to control form my iPad - through the Qobuz app directly? My listening seat is 10 feet away from my laptop…

Case 3: DLNA
Under Playing Now, I have DirectStream DAC, DLNA server set up as 24-bit audiophile, and DSP Studio has Dirac checked.
I get the selected track played and output from the DAC with the right sample rate and bits displayed. All good.
Question 1: How do i get Dirac to work in this mode? When I go into DLNA->…-> DSP Studio I get a no input signal message at the top. I am able to adjust the red attenuation level bar but i do not see the input level bars moving. I got the processing to work about a month ago (and that was after combination of DAC and laptop power cycles) but never have been able to repeat it.
Question 2: How do i also make this configuration work Qobuz?

I went back to the basics on the forum yesterday, read material, installed the WMD, and thought that would direct the signals into JR. Same experience described above prior to WMD install.

Any help would be most appreciated.