Jriver dropouts during playback

Hi there!

I am using PWD DAC MK2 including bridge and a Netgear Ready NAS. A few days ago I started to use Jriver (installed on my MacBook Pro) and Jremote (iPhone 5) and installation worked out fine according to PS Audio instructions. Unfortunately I am now facing dropouts during the playback which are absolutely annoying. I am not able to resolve the problem myself and seek your help. The PWD is connected via Ethernet and the MacBook Pro usually goes wireless.

Can anybody help?

Have you tried increasing the buffer in JRiver? I believe that I have seen this suggested for dropout or skips issues. Others will have to help you with specific settings as I do not use JRiver and know very little about it.


Pretty sure buffer settings only apply to USB connected devices and not to DLNA devices. If it was my problem, I would look at the NAS first. See if the problem goes away by putting the music on the server’s hard-drive.

Gentlemen, thank you for inputs! I was able to fix my problem (heureka!). Under playback options I increased the buffering to 20secs, now everything is working! Thanks again! Andreas

I am glad to hear that