Pwd album art


Need how to make it appear with jriver helppppp. I read about installing chip when playing music, if this is cool please some guru,s hear tell me so. Or other ways please also does the chip need to be blank format fat32 ??

Al D


try erasing everything on the sd card.

unplug PWD, wait 2 minutes, reboot PWD WITHOUT the sd card.

insert the card and reboot PWD one more time.

Prayers are helpful and appropriate.

Bonne Chances.


thanks and you really are a funny dude . I got my ups answer from paul too…

peace out all bedtime for papa


What was Paul’s answer regarding the UPS question? If you would, post it in your thread asking the question to help the next person in line.

Gordon is indeed a bit funny, but we love him anyway. :slight_smile:








Hi Gordon it is possible to see the cover album only with the Jriver Media Sever? When I am playing Jriver i see the cover, when I am playing only the Media Server not.

thank you


I cannot display no more the album arts after all these upgrade.

Is there any procedures?

i am still using e-lyrics




Hi Gordon - I’m having the same problem with artwork after trying to upgrade the firmware. The upgrade actually didn’t work for me for some reason, so I wen’t back to 2.2 and lost all of my artwork. It used to perform flawlessly before running JRMC…not a single hitch. Now it’s all gone. I rebooted as you suggested with and without the blank SD card, but still nothing. Any advice?


What bridge firmware?


bridge is 2.14b - after the failed attempt at a fw upgrade I had to rescue the bridge (like you taught me before). Everything works great, except for the artwork.


Jriver should work with art with B-2.13b.

That is what I use but I hardly ever look at the screen. It is there and working.

Have you tried removing and erasing the sd card and then re-inserting it?

You could also reformat the card with “fat or fat32”.


The card was erased, but not reformatted. I’ll try that and let you know - I’m using a mac, but that shouldn’t matter if I use disk utility, right?


Did a restart of everything, including computer, and all things with a power cord. It works now. Thanks again, Gordon!


great to hear.

It is amazing what a boot can do. :x



Yes, there have been times that…=))

Compassion man, I mean compassion man, its the only thing that works.

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That video made me sweat, and my wife left the room.