Just for fun what comprises a "kit" nowadays anyway...?

Back in the day when school started with the pledge of allegiance followed
by our national anthem…

A kit was a collection of parts with an assembly manual…
You would first inventory all the parts…then assembly step by step…chasis
parts, cut wires and twist 3 turns per inch from point a to point b…adding resistors
and caps along the way and soldering at different points along the way.

Inspired by hs shop teacher who had built his son an integrated amp aHeathkit AA100 tubed

The result was very dramatic for me as this was my 1st time listening anything like this.
system was 2 ev 12" corner speakers with concentric mid and horn tweeter. TT was an old
garrard with a shure mk 44…playin Rythms of the South Pacific…
That settled it for me

Must build my own and speakers to boot…

My shop teacher went on to build a 25" color tv from scratch…the result was very very good…
using the very same assembly proceedures as his son’s integrated amp.

So back to the question what comprises a kit?

A system built from ground up or the collecting of some pre- built assembled components which
by and large most of us have including myself to form a system.

My last kit was a Heathkit AR13a am fm stereo receiver…where even the pcb boards had to
be manually populated…

Soo coming from a bygone era it stymies the mind at the widespread useage of the term kit
and the change of word usage and meaning taking place today.

Oooh ya hope it doesn’t go up in smoke when either 1st plug in or power on :grinning:

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