New BHK? Hmmm

I spy with my little eye…M500???

BHK M500

Yes! this would be a good topic to explore.

Nice spotting work :smiley:

M? It’s a stereo amp

Looks like a BHK 250 to me.

The amp Paul’s leaning on is a 250 and was used for the video, however, the sticky on the milestone board states M300. The crop of the screen capture isn’t so clear but I was able to clearly view it. I’ve used post-its to track a multitude of things and found it interesting to see in the video. I believe I’ve seen similar project management in past PSA posts. Zoomed in out of curiosity and “BHK” caught my eye…also states “Product Spec”.

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Anyone think there might ever be a BHK Integrated?

Pure speculation, mind you…

Paul’s Grand Plan appears to be to develop a “turn-key” suite of kit that would allow one to run an all-PS Audio system from (and including) the outlets in the wall - to power regenerators - to sources - to preamplifiers - to amplifiers - to speakers (along with power cabling).

As part of this plan, he seems inclined to provide various (two or three) price points to allow one to take advantage of an all-PSA system.

I think it would be totally consistent with this “vision” to add one or two tiers of integrated amplifiers to the mix, eventually; and I would expect to see an offering at some point. Who knows when?


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That would be cool. I’m pretty much convinced that when I eventually upgrade things, I’ll probably stay with an integrated. Any listening space will also be a living space, and I really won’t have room (or the desire) to have a bunch of separates on racks (or monoblocks on the ground).

The Hegel H390 really appeals to me from this perspective. Fewer cables, fewer boxes, integrated design with internal streamer/DAC, lovely piece of kit. But I also know that digital stuff becomes obsolete long before the analog section, and do you want all of it in one container?

I agree. As I move forward, I expect to continue to keep the DAC and streaming bits separate from my “switching” and amplification kit.


Another thought, M500 aside, shooting the video Paul must’ve realized someone would scan over the board. Thought crossed my mind this is another way to keep the PR ball rolling if a bit of the “skunk works” made it to public discussion. Or, simply it was just an oversight or no big deal. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a method to his madness :face_with_monocle: :nerd_face:

I am convinced that Paul is, indeed, playing five-dimensional Business Development chess.



Paul is such an “innocent”. :smiley: But hey, he is running a business.

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Hey, @Paul, don’t you love it when armchair QB’s sit around and speculate on YOU. :thinking:

Not to the public degree as you…but I’ve been in positions where I’ve worked in organizations and, as a leader, I had inside information on all things. At times it was amusing to hear the chatter and know the truth.

Keep on keeping on…and hopefully being amused. We appreciate you! Enjoy your new sub! :v:

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