Krell 222 pre PSA BHK250-Vienna Acoustics The Kiss-what subwoofer?

After reorganizing my set looking for a subwoofer (one only). Any experience with SVS SB series?

I’ve got two SVS SB2000 and I like them. You’ll need outputs at the Preamp to make them work. I’m considering the SB3000 or SB4000 for the controls via a phone or an Ipad.

Check out Rythmik - and two if at all possible. Two smaller subs will outperform, both in terms of power and more importantly acoustic response in the space, then a single larger (or smaller) sub.


I’m running a pair of E15HP2 SE from Rythmik. Really great sounding subs!

I couldn’t get a reasonable response to a few questions from Rythmik so I ended up buying a pair of SVS SB-3000’s. The before and after the sale support was much better. They also have a really neat Bluetooth tuning app for your phone so you can easily adjust them from anywhere in the room.

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GR Research open back subs using Rythmik amps- bet you won’t go back to closed boxes :wink:

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You just have to make them yourself if that suits you

Hi all, sorry not replying right away; thanks for your suggestions. I found a dealer of the SVS relatively nearby (I am in The Netherlands). I’ll visit them soon. Rythmik looks interesting too, but difficult to test them over here. I think 2020 may be the year of deep bass for me.

Hi @vsopking,

Good luck on your quest for deep bass. I opted for two SVS PB-16 Ultras because they seemed more versatile to me. I can use them either ported or sealed,by blocking the ports with foam stuffing that they provide with the sub for just that purpose. I use my system for home theater as well as two channel stereo and I generally run them unblocked, but I do plan to test them some more with the ports blocked (sealed) for music to see if I like them better that way.

@mycrowave; One PB-16… won’t fit, two would be ridiculous… in my living room.
Good to hear you enjoy them though. Must be enough bass :wink:

They are awesome. When there is an explosion in a movie, not only do I hear the rumble of the glorious bass associated with it, but I also feel the air in the room vibrating, sort of a simulation of an actual explosion. :open_mouth:

My better half allowed me to take over the finished portion of the basement in our house and turn it into a media room. If you browse the System Photos! thread, the latest of my posts is the one with both subs. I don’t think it looks too bad.

I completely understand where you are coming considering you are looking to put the subs in your living room.

With respect to the controls on the phone versus not, they are certainly much more convenient to get the subs dialed in, but once you have them dialed in, I think you will find that you won’t need to use the app very often, if at all. I have not used the app since I got my system dialed in.

As I said before, good luck with the search and I hope that you can find something that provides the bass and asthetics that you are looking to achieve.

Hi again! I’ll check the photo’s. I’ll check out SB2000 Pair - or go for one sb3000…

I highly recommend a pair of subs over a single sub. I started with one sub and was not happy with it. Even though you are not supposed to be able to localize bass when dialed in properly, with one sub it always seemed to be bass heavy on the side of the room where the single sub was located. By adding the second sub, that problem was completely eliminated and the bass response in the room is now much better.

I think that SB2000 are being replaced by SB3000’s there are good deals to be had on the 2000’s. Locally I’ve seen used 2000’s available for good prices.

Interesting; two smaller subs may be acceptable - Did not realize that the placement of (just!?) one sub may cause un-eveness in the sound - balance - Placement in the middle might solve that.
Other serious matter… : WAF!!

Thanks, will keep this in mind when at the dealer’s.