Lan Rover stuttering when powered through PP3

I moved my system a Directstream DAC (using an AC12), a Bakoon HPA-21 battery powered AMP (that charges when off), an iMac, a network hub, a Lan Rover, from a equi-core 300 balanced power supply powering a DECTEC powering the whole system (that sounded fabulous), over to a Power Plant 3 hoping to gain some sonic improvements and to clean up the wires (getting all the wires in my rack vs. them all on the side to the DECTEC). The first thing that I’m noticing is that I feel the sonic performance was slightly better with the equi-core 300 than I’m getting with the PP3 and I don’t think that should be the case. The second and MAJOR problem I’ve been having is the music has been stuttering, and I’ve isolated this to the Lan Rover running off of the PP3, because if I move the Lan Rover to a High Current power port (an un regenerated port) the stuttering goes away. This doesn’t make any sense to me, and it means that the PP3 is producing poor quality or inconsistent power. the dealer has swapped the unit for me to try a second unit and its doing it too, so its a problem consistent with all PP3s and at least my Lan Rover.

My total system is drawing under 200 watts of power so its not overloading the PP3, as it was sufficiently powered by the equi-core 300 that is 1/5th of the price. I still wan’t the PP3 to work for me as I want to be able to move my audio rack around without the mess of wires which is the only advantage provide by the PP3.

Could someone from PS please chime in here and help try to troubleshoot what the problem may be with powering the Lan Rover from a regenerated port off of a PP3?

Much appreciated,


The Directstream is an amazing DAC, the Lan Rover blows the competing USB decrapifiers out of the water, but the PP3 has been a let down so far please help me find what I’m missing, as I can’t believe that PS would have an imperfection like this based on all the other products I own.

Perhaps I misunderstand your setup, but just in case: either everything in your setup needs to be on balanced power or none of it should be on balanced power. (Unless the two parts of your setup are galvanically isolated.) If you aren’t mixing power sources ignore this post.

Hi Ted,

Thanks for the reply, everything was originally on balanced power (the equi-core) and it worked great. Then I moved everything to the PP3 regenerated power and the system started stuttering, I isolated the stuttering to the Lan Rover by moving it to a High Current port on the PP3 that doesn’t use regenerated power. When the Lan Rover is on the High Current port it doesn’t stutter. This leads me to believe that the output of the PP3 is inconsistent or has flaws in it that cause the Lan Rover to stutter.

I am not mixing any power sources everything is on the PP3 now. I found the balanced power of the equi-core to be slightly more dynamic and richer in sound, while the PP3 is less bodied but slightly more detailed. The real problem is the stuttering of the Lan Rover when I use the PP3 regenerated power. Is there anyone that can help me troubleshoot this issue or figure out why it’s happening?

Much appreciated.

The Directstream and Lan Rover are both superb pieces of equipment the PP3 seems to be causing a problem for the two working together on the regenerated power. Like I said I’m utilizing under 100 watts.

Perhaps you need to contact customer service, something doesn’t seem to be working as expected.

They are working on figuring it out as I type. They are baffled by this as well. It’s really weird because if the power is clean and steady it should function better, not malfunction.