Laptop cd player and audirvana

This may be a silly question, but I can’t find a direct answer on the interwebs. If I’m running Audirvana on my laptop PC, does using the cd-rom drive on the laptop play through audirvana and bypass all of the computer bs? I’m thinking of just getting a newer used transport, but will my PC Cd-rom work? Going to a SGCD.

I have used Audirvana+ on a MacBook Pro for years and I have never noticed a way to play CDs via the MBP’s internal optical disc drive using Audirvana+. (I believe it could be possible using the free VLC media player, but I have not tried it.) Not sure if the newer Audirvana+ for Windows is any different in that regard.

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I have the Windows version and I don’t think you could just play a CD.
A simple solution would be to just rip the disc and then play it from the hard drive. If you don’t have the room, usb HDDs are not expensive.