Leaving DS DAC and DMP on

A very simple question: why is it advisable to leave these units in the standby mode? Once turned off, does it actually take about 3 hrs for circuit to reach max potential? So these units are designed to be left on continuously without potential degregation of circuitry and components? One last question if these are designed for being on continuously, is it advisable not to use some type of dust cover? Thanks

The so-called “stable working condition” also includes a stable working temperature.
This involves electrochemical and thermal stability of the components.

They are designed to be left on 24/7 and we like standby mode because it mutes the outputs and turns off the display.

I would not cover them, just dust them once in a while.

Even though the power dissipation may be a bit less in standby, the unit will still be warm, best to not restrict airflow completely. If the cover allows adequate airflow then it’s not a problem.

Test it yourself, cover it for 30 mins in standby, remove the cover and feel the top with your hand. If it feels hotter than you would be comfortable leaving your hand there for more than 30 secs it’s too hot. Excess heat will degrade components and shorten their life.

what does leaving them on have to do with using a dust cover?

They could get too hot if the cover severely restricts air flow

Yes, but the original question was: if it’s left on, then should one use a dust cover? I’ll take “no” for five thousand, Bob.

Not exactly the question. However, I would agree, it’s advisable to NOT use a dust cover with the units on or in standby but the OP must want to use one or wouldn’t have asked. I simply gave him/her a logical way to determine if it’s OK or not. If the cover is thin/porous enough to allow sufficient air flow, it won’t be an issue.

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