Left and Right channels swapped again


Twice it has happened in the last three days.

A power reboot of the DS cures it.

I only use a PWT connected with toslink.

What is happening?


Altho I certainly experienced this during development I haven’t had any reports from the “wild” about it with any but the first release of DS software.

A few questions, if you know the answers:

Which version of the FPGA software are you running?

After it happens does it stay reversed when you change input sample rates? And further, is it still reversed when you go back to your original sample rate? (If you don’t have a disc for the PWT with different rate files I understand that you wouldn’t have an answer for this.)



I am using the latest version of the FPGA software.

When I noticed the problem I was on a 44.1 sample rate.

I do use all different rates up to 192 including DoP.

If it happens again, I will try different rates before rebooting.



I experienced this phenomena during burn in of my DS.

It was very evident with channel specific bass notes.

The condition occurred and passed at least twice for me.


Coincidentally I’m working in that code today so I’ll look for it. Thanks for the reports.


I had channel-swap occurrence only once in 4 months from the time I’ve upgraded from pwd mk2 to ds. On pwd it was also happenning only seldomly.

But i also got several (maybe 5-6) occurrences of DS freeze, usually when I was quickly changing songs played via the bridge and then switched input, I have suspicion that it is somehow related to display (album art) redraw.

Also sometimes display starts showing non-letter ascii characters instead of normal letters (even in the ds input name selection, not just song/artist name).

All of those are very seldom issues so no big issue here :)


Yep, any errors on the SD card while doing album art can freeze the DS’s control processor…


Ted would you suggest changing the SD card? I can try that. However my suspicion is that it’s enough to trigger any DS function requiring significant display update (like switching inputs) during another significant display update (like album artwork redraw) - but i cannot confirm that as was not testing it intentionally yet :)


Dennis is the expert here but I’ve had SD cards get a corrupt file system if the album art is being written when the power is turned off on the DS at the wrong time, etc. If your SD card is corrupt, reformat it on your computer - I don’t know how often SD cards go bad at the hardware level, but it has never happened to me.

I think the bug is that some third party libraries we use (for example to read and write SD cards) crash with certain errors (like a corrupt file system or a hardware error). In general the UI code is much robust - you don’t have one task interrupting another or anything like that. For example on the DS switching of inputs is just a write to the FPGA, then draw the new selected input’s ICON and do the same screen updates (display sample rate, bit width, locking status, etc.) you have been doing all along. The most display intensive thing we do is to display big numbers when changing the volume :)

I’ve got no idea about the corrupt (or just wrong) fonts.