The Return of 'Reversed Channels'

Long time forum members will recall that this ‘phenomenon’ was reported with the PWD (I & II); where for no apparent reason the right and left channels became reversed. Well…I just experienced this with the DS. As with the PWD models, a simple reboot resolved the issue. Anyone else experience this with their DS units?

Interesting, since the PWD and DS are different designs altogether. I wonder what causes this?

I could tell you in detail what causes it on the DS, but I doubt that it’s the same on the PWD.

I suspect you are on 1.2.1 (or earlier) where channel reversal could happen when either there was an unfortunate switch from one input to another or there was a glitch in the input stream - it should have been self healing, but it wasn’t always. The offending code is missing in PP and later versions of the DS.


I have a new unit that I purchased with PP factory installed, and I haven’t tried any other OS. It was an easy fix, by rebooting, but just so you’re aware, it definitely occurred with PP…I wonder if anyone else has experienced this with PP?

Well I guess there is another place that the channels can get reversed… All samples are tagged with their channel thru out all of the processing, but once again I must have some hidden state that messes things up somewhere. Thanks for the report.

I recalled this coming up before and found a post under topic “Did Pikes Peak OS Install” from mark-d which said he had the same problem in February after installing PP. Might be more occurrences buried in the “PP is Live” topic, but I’m not searching through 53 pages! Thankfully it has never happened to me.