Audio Channels flip sides on DS1

Hey there I have been comparing a Denafrips Terminator II and Unison CD Due
to the Directstream MKI. When Playing tracks on the terminator and cd due certain
instruments are heard to be on the right side of sound stage. Voice remains in the center.
On the Directstream MKI the voice remains in the center however the instruments I heard on the right with the other dacs now comes out on the left? Has anyone else had this take place?


It must be the other DAC that is reversing the channels as I have a test disk that identifies the channels and the DS 1 and DS 2 both are correct. Either that or you have a cable flipped elsewhere.


A while back i had a problem with a different bit of kit. It turned out to be a bug in the USB driver.

I should add that it was intermittent and very very rarely did it happen.

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Yes I have had this with my DS1 - very ocassionally - and seems when I have swapped something out upstream - like a cable or DDC - and didnt leave enough time between powering down and back up again. When realised what had happened - switched everything off paused for a few minutes powered back up and then back to normal - Only seems to happen with USB connections very strange.

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Ok great - thanks very much for your input!

What input to Mk1 are you using? Are you feeding it DSD? If you use I2S and use native DSD, one of common symptoms that streamer and Mk1 mismatch is that right and left channels are swapped.

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I use i2s and usb. I do not use any streamer at all and have no intention of ever doing so. Yes misconfigured i2s interface will cause channel reversal for sure.

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