Muffled sound

I haven’t been able to do any critical listening in quite some time because I’ve had my apartment torn up with a project which has now come to a close.

I’m noticing that the sound goes in and out of a muffled vs clear sound and that one channel is weak. When I bypass the DS and go right into my amp from my CD player, everything sounds fine. (Running Pikes, btw)

Thoughts? Recommendations?

Thanks in advance!


Did you ever have this issue with previous firmware?
Have you swapped out cables and otherwise made certain all connections are good?

I double-checked the cables, but did not swap out any. I’ll try that. I “sorta” remember having this problem before but I don’t remember when.

I also noticed that the channels are reversed.

If you haven’t yet, you might try turning the DS off (for just a little) and back on. Then (if you haven’t yet) you might try going back to 1.2.1, then back to Peak. Channels reversed says that the FPGA needs it’s nose blown. Why this is happening now I don’t know, has the temperature in your listing room changed quite a bit since the last time you listened?

Hmmm…it was a warm day and prob. got up to 74 in here.

I’ll try the things you’ve suggested. THANKS

Ok, re-installed 1.2.1, and then upgraded to PikesPeak. Right channel still muffled and channels swapped. Went back to 1.2.1 and muffling is reduced but not fully restored, and channels are straight.

By any chance do you have any cables plugged into the wrong places on the back of the DS?

Other than that unlikely scenario I’m out of hypotheses, perhaps it’s time to contact support.