PS Audio RMAF Room Equipment List

@Paul or @Admin

Have you compiled a complete RMAF PS Audio Room equipment list (including PS Audio & outside sourced)?

Ummm, not really but here we go.

Speakers Von Schweikert VR-35

Speaker cables Master Reference

Power cables PS Audio AC12

Project Debut Carbon turntable with Ortofon MM cartridge

NPC Phono Converter

PerfectWave Power Amplifier prototype

PerfectWave DAC

PerfectWave Transport

P10 Power Plant

12" 500 watt subwoofer prototype we’re playing with

3 RPG diffusers

PerfectWave AC12 HDMI cables between NPC and PWT connected to the PWD

2 DAAD diffusers one at each point of first reflection on the side wall.


Do you mean Von Schweikert VR-35 speakers and if so how do they sound? I have vintage Allison Ones and have been wondering about close to the wall speakers.


@largenmt I am sure he means Von Schweikert. Poor Albert to be forgotten so soon. I have the VR 4SR MKII. Getting ready to buy VR44 in Mercedes Silver.

Damn! Thanks. Must have been too early. They sounded quite good. I had trouble setting them up because he’s designed these things to be boundary loaded - meaning they have to be near a room boundary to have any bass. Problem with that turns out that to get any depth you have to have them away from the rear wall (as with most speakers) but then you get no bass. So I got some help from them and we pulled them close to the outside walls and that gave us both. Still needed a bit of help from our subwoofer prototype that i forgot to add into the list. I’ll edit it.

birddogthecat said: VR 4SR MKII

Been a while since I've heard a pair of these but I thought they were really quite nice.

Bringing room treatments is very smart.

I feel very uncomfortable saying this, because not only do I have great respect for both Paul and Von Schweikert, but when I was at the show Paul, his son, and Mayoura were all as nice as could be and did a great job with showing off their gear (I didn’t get a chance to say Hi to Mrs. McG). But I… didn’t really think the VR-35s were the best match with Paul’s equipment. I’ve found in listening to VonS VR series speakers that they almost always sound their best with some tube equipment in the chain. I was there Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Sunday was definitely the best day after Paul had a chance to optimize, but I still felt the VR-35s produced an overall coolish, brittle sound. Could the boundary loading problems have been part of the reason? Quite possible. Did the sub help? Yes, although I thought when I listened to it the level was set a little too high (I think Paul’s son agreed with me). When we turned off the sub that same cool quality was readily apparent.

That’s my own opinion, and others who may have heard the combo have every right to disagree.

“Our subwoofer prototype…” Any details Paul?

Paul McGowan said: PerfectWave Power Amplifier prototype

This is interesting. Still ;)
Paul McGowan said: 3 RPG diffusers

No DAAD's?

@tony22 I don’t disagree with you. Thanks fort sharing and being honest - and for goodness sake, don’t apologize for offering your opinion. =D>

Appreciate it Paul. I wish I had been able to pass along my thanks and say bye when I stopped in on Sunday.


Tony, I believe you are correct: tubes and Von’s. Switching amps & VS speakers do not work.

I run my VR4SR MKII through a Conrad Johnson Art 2 V2 & 4 McIntosh MC501’s (bi-amp). The tube CJ + the 4 tube-like Macs are in superb harmony with the VR’s.

The VR44’s I heard at Newport Beach had that classic VR sound with added extension in the upper levels. The VR series has never been shy in the lower registers. I am currently negotiating with Albert to buy those Newport Beach VR 44 demos in Mercedes Silver.

tony22 said: But I... didn't really think the VR-35s were the best match with Paul's equipment.

I have only heard them with tube amplification and they sound great. Interesting observation on your part. Thanks.

+1 - only with tubes and liked them very much. Interesting observations.

Paul McGowan said: 3 RPG diffusers

No DAAD's?

Aha! I see DAADs on the photo!

@alekz Yup. Forgot. Added to the list.

Hey. I just downloaded all my pics to my PC. Here’s a shot of the PSA room. Sorry I didn’t get the left hand VR-35, but you can see a rather interesting looking sub behind the right one.

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Our secrets unfolding right before our eyes. Thanks Tony, I was negligent in not making a video or taking any photos. Just lazy.