Minimserver with Bridge I and Linn Kinsky Problem

My configuration is Perfectwave mk2 with bridge I and macmini. I have been using jriver media center and jremote for a month. There is no connection problem. But my minimserver do not see the bridge. Linn kinsky can connect the minimserver, I can see my library but minimserver can not see the bridge.

Is there a special settings for minimserver and bridge?


Do you mean that in Linn Kinsky app you are not able to see the bridge (kinsky does not see bridge)?

Or you can see both minimserver AND bridge it in Kinsky app, but not able to play (bridge does not see the minimserver)?

Long time ago i was using Minimserver with Kinsky and bridge, but it was bit clumsy…

Then installed BubbleUPnPServer to provide OpenHome proxy for the bridge (feeding/proxying music from Minimserver) and I am using this setup till today (with Bridge2 in the meantime). This is very stable and enables me to stream also tidal. As control point I am using Linn KAZOO (successor of Kinsky app).

If I understand correctly, some time ago (a year or two) Linn changed Kinsky so that it requires an OpenHome renderer to function properly. I used Kinsky with MinimServe when I first got my PWD/Bridge but had to change to other control points. So it’s not surprising you are having difficulties with Kinsky (or Kazoo, which definitely requires OpenHome).

You could try other control points just to make sure your network is OK; PlugPlayer is free, although its interface (IMO) is awful. Creation 5 Media Player works well for me. I find that mconnect and mcontrol don’t always see the Bridge, so avoid them.

If you want to use Kinsky or Kazoo, then, as Maniac said, you can install BubbleUPnP server; be sure to check the box on the setup page to create an OpenHome renderer for the Bridge.

I went through this about a month ago with regards to using a variety of different control points with my SSR.

Just for clarity I will ad a few points;

MinimServer must be installed on your NAS.

MinimWatch should be installed on your PC/Mac.

BubbleUPnP should be installed on your Android control device.

BubbleUPnPServer should be installed on your NAS.

If you have a QNAP or Snyology NAS the BubbleUPnPServer install is very straight forward.

You will have to create an OpenHome renderer for your Bridge in BubbleUPnPServer on your NAS ( and name it )

You should then see the OpenHome renderer in your control device menu. ( MinimServer will also still be listed )

You may have to cycle the device off and back on for it to be seen.

On a side note, I find the BubbleUPNP / MinimServer combo provides the best audio quality, I have no idea why.

That is compared to the Lumin and Lynn Kinsky / Kazoo on Ios.

But I prefer the Lumin and Kinsky control points for ease of use, but audio quality trumps ease of use.

So you may want to try out a few different control points.

If you are going to use only BubbleUPnP on an Android device as a means of control you might not need BubbleUPnPServer (?)

Welcome to the forum kocgur. The instructions immediately above refer to using minimserver on a NAS but they would also generally apply to minimserver on your Mac. You can use the BubbleUPnP control point app on an Android device without installing BubbleUPnP server on your Mac although it does have some advantages. As noted there are a number of iPad control points that work with minimserver but BubbleUPnP on Android seems to be the favorite. From the comments above it’s clear there are a bewildering number of options.

Thank you very much for all reply