New to streaming and how to get album logo icon to touch screen

I will need some help cause i’m not familiar with streamers stuff and general with digits, including computers(of course gradualle i learn… through using them). My topic concern a Directsream Dac(upgrade from origin perfectwafe dac) with the bridge one linstalled, after some searching i install to my android the BubleUpNp as remote and get a free month trial Tidal (Hifi res) and miracusly listen
music! One think what i cannot found yet, is in the touch screen shows only in letters the piece played (not the logo-icon LPalbum-see the attach picture) and the other thing is concern me how to stream internet radios.
Thanks to anyone could have any helpfull hints.

Nikos from Greece

Welcome to the forum Nikos. As there are many on this forum with Bridge II experience you should get plenty of assistance regarding the DSD DAC and Bridge II features. Unfortunately having an Innuos Zenith Mk3, I have no experience with the Bridge and can not offer any insights.

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If you insert an SD card face-up (the contacts visible/pointing up) into the Bridge then you will be able to get album art. I do not know about Internet radio – as far as I know that has nothing to do with the Bridge. Hope this helps.

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Also, please make sure the SD card does not have firmware files.
Internet radio can be accessed using mConnect free versions (landscape & portrait). Paid versions does not support internet radio. If you are a Roon user, you can access internet radio, but not all stations that mConnect has. My guess is they use different radio streaming platforms.

mConnect plays internet radio using vTuner which is accessible inside the app just like Tidal and Qobuz

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Thanks all of you,Weedeewpo, Joe-appierto,Sehran and Dawkinsj,

the cover art solved with the a formated sd card insert

later i check the mConect with vTuner

My kindest greetings

Nikos from Greece



Glad you got it sorted.

It’s a great feature; although I tend to glance at the screen to confirm everything is as it should be, before dimming the display and sitting dow to listen.



Just for grins, try fixing the volume somewhere between 90 and 95 to see if you might find the overall sound just a smidge better. Many here have reported settling in at less than 100, depending on their use of a pre-amp, the type of pre-amp and other system-dependent factors.

Personally, I tend to leave the volume on the DS set at 92 and adjust the level via my pre-amp.


A favorite Ennio Morricone track from a special Sergio Leone film.

Weedeewop, this Morricone music is so emblematic for my childhood and realy sounds great through
streaming, is nice we share preferences.
Scotte1 i adjust the volume to 92 as you recommended, and i do some auditions, till now sounds fine,but i’m not sure that i hear a noticable difference (my preamp is a Jadis JP80MC and the power amp is a Jeff Rowland model 302 with Maggies MGIIIA speakers) but anyway sounds great.
Greetings to both of you.
Nikos from Greece

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The above has been popular in the states, for those who appreciate film scores, and then there is John Zorn’s take on the album The Big Gundown:

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