Lone Star Audio Fest, Dallas Texas, May 3, 4, 5


A nice little show in a big state.


I have never understood why Dallas does not have more tech events, since it is a high tech city. At least I get to see this one right in my home town.

Anybody even heard of this one? Anyone else coming or will I be there on my own?



Are there no other PS Audiophiles in the North Texas area? If anyone else is planning on going, it would be nice to meet up somewhere for beer, barbeque or whatever.



Qantas now flies direct Melbourne to Dallas. The longest flight it is possible to take in the world. Sorry…


They didn’t have that flight when I flew from Melbourne back to the U.S. That flight was only to Hawaii and there was a fuel stop on the way. This was even on a 747 - they had just entered service that year, so was not the ‘Long Range’ model. Oh yes… there was that other thing. The first men had just recently set foot on the Moon.



Funny, and old neighbor of ours went ot the moon, too. Nice guy, kind of quiet. Used to play golf with my stepdad. Never talked about the moon, that was in his past. I turned down a round of golf with him because I am so bad at that sport I didn’t want to embarass myself. God, I’m an idiot! But at least I can tell the story about how I didn’t play golf with Neil Armstrong and grin sheepishly. If you need me, I’ll be down the hall soaking my head. [-(




Just a reminder, it’s a week and a half out now… Just in case you are interested.