PPP died after two years of love story


Hi Paul and Co.I’m writing you from Hungary.Two years ago I bought a used PPP upgrading my system from a passive regenerator. It was a huge step forward for me as it opened a completely different soundstage,detail and resolution to the music I used to listen. I can say that it brought out the best of all my audio components.

Yesterday my PPP started clicking and died shortly after with a smoke coming out of it. My heart stoped beating.I imadeately disconnected it from the AC but it was too late.Had to disconnect all the components and take it out from the rack. Don’t want to mention that the soundstage,the basses,the details, the whole aura of the music was gone! It just crashed and became a good hi-fi sound.As far as the PPP is not under warranty anymore and that it is discontinued from sales here in Hungary after some research I’ve found a guy who as he mentioned was the authorized service point here in Hungary for PS-Audio. He said that since the product is discontinued the repair would cost me more than the PPP itself when I bought it.Can you please give me an advise is it possible to rapair it or should I just bury it.

Thanks a lot in advance.With kind regards,MickeyB.

Some horror pics of my PPP

Just my opinion but I would consider just starting over with a p5 regenerater. I just can’t see spending that much on the repair.

I am not sure if the p5 is available in Hungary but if liked the ppp I think you would be really happy with a p5. I just upgraded my ppp to a p5 and could not be happier