I have been thinking, I have two dead cassette players. Dead because the transports don’t work. The Sony, I made worse looking at the belts, the Nak came from a friend who had the belts replaced, but never used it, or who knows, but seems to be missing a belt or two.

Anyway, my question has to do with linear power supplies. I have Raspberry Pi3 running off a wall wart. I was wondering if I could use one the power supplies in there, by adding some type of regulator, to take it to 5v+ and I would need to find the amperage.

With the Raspberry’s LPSs seem to be one of the things that make a big difference. Both Bryston and Audio Alchemy have players based on the Raspberry, that were selling for over $1k. I imagine they have proprietary firmware and good power supplies, well the Bryston, you never know with AA on the firmware. Any thoughts?

This may be beyond my abilities, I can solder, not as well as I used to, maybe just out of practice. Years ago, I built a couple of small simple kits, a voltage monitor, based on a LED display, and a little amp board. They both worked. This was a long time ago, I wanted to learn about electronics. But life got in the way, and I am back to basics, at best.

I should have saved my response from the other thread :slight_smile:

I suspect that the current draw from the Pi3 is low enough that regulating the output of a power supply from a disused cassette player to 5V would work fine and would be better than the wall wart. The most obvious things to check are that the voltage from the PS is within the regulator’s input voltage range and that the voltage drop from that to 5V times the max current draw from the Pi3 (i.e. the heat that the regulator will have to dissipate) is reasonable.