M1200 faults

Does anybody have issues with the M1200’s not turning on?

Blinking power button light fast then shut down or sometimes just a slow blink that almost wants to go steady?

Have you checked if your power cable is securely plugged in? I had a similar case but it was a loose power cable.

Chris. Different power cables different outlets. No speakers connected No input connections. Upon closer inspection the tube is not lighting up the filament or lighting up blue in color. I moved the tube to the other M1200 it lights up fine.

That leads me to conclude something electronic


Hope it’s not a major problem.

I guess I’ll listen mono Right on even days, left on odd days. :smile:
The PSA response has been good


From the manual re: fast blink and fault protect mode, page 9:

The Stellar M1200 is designed to protect itself if it detects a dangerous signal surge or transient that could damage the circuit. In these instances, the Stellar goes into Fault Protect Mode. If you see the blue logo button flashing quickly and the amplifier turns itself off, then it has entered this mode. This can happen if it is heavily overdriven. If this occurs remove power from the Stellar and disconnect all inputs and outputs. Then, power the Stellar back on and verify that it powers on normally. If this is the case then power off the Stellar and re-connect the speakers and sources. Try playing music back at a low level at first. If after removing all connected equipment the Stellar continues to enter Fault Protect Mode, please contact PS Audio.

Did you try disconnecting your speakers and inputs, and restarting as suggested? If that’s not clearing it sounds like you need to call HQ.