M700 fuse tweak!

The fuse is inside the equipment at the ICEpower module. Just wanted to double check that the specs were correct…
Small Fuse5×20 T6.3AH250VP

Anybody has tried this tweak and what is your reaction?

Jaime, thank you for asking…
I have a pair of M 700’s and I am also very interested in the possibility of changing out the fuses!

I also have a BHK Preamp and a P 12 PP that I replaced the fuses with a SR ‘blue’ fuse.
Both times I heard an appreciable improvement to my sound system.

If anyone has already completed the fuse change-out in the M 700’s, I certainly would be interested in hearing your results.

Perhaps, as the fuse holder is inside the amps the factory is saying not to mess with it.
I hope not, as I want to mess with it especially if it improved the sound like the other fuse changes did.

The DS has the fuse inside. Paul has said they simply didn’t anticipate the fuse revolution occurring or would have used a fuse holder like the BHK pre.

I’m not sure I’d open up the ICE module though. Seems fraught with ‘danger’.

Thanks for the info Brett66!
I do however have a question, are you saying that if I were to pop the top chassis cover I would not see any f7se holder? I have the feeling that the fuse in question is buried inside the ICE Module and is problematic to get to change it out?
If so then I like you would be reluctant to try the surgery.

Perhaps a phone call or an email to PS Audio might shed some more light on how one goes about changing out the fuse.

Okay, I just got off the phone with Kevin at PS and he checked with Darin Myers who said that the fuse is part of the ICE Power module and although one can change out the fuse it will void the warranty from ICE and PS Audio and is not recommended or encouraged in any way. Also the fuse is in a problematic spot on the ICE Module and is not protected in any way and could cause an electrical problem in replacing the fuse.

So I guess it comes down to “player’s choice “ as to whether or not one wants to try it.
Remember in doing so it will not Be covered in any way should something go wrong.

So for me, I think I will leave it be for now and wait to see/hear from others who might venture into those uncharted waters.

Thanks for posting this Sandy! I don’t know exactly why ICE would do this, but I guess the way the fuse is in there is very specific and they don’t want it changed.

I totally agree with you however fuse-rolling is very new and suspect at the time of design and manufacture it was not a consideration.

My hope is that the design-boys at PS take this new tweak into consideration with the design of the new M 1200 mono block amps due out soon!

That would be for sure the bees knees…

If the new amps are using the AS1200 modules the fuses are still on the board. They can put one in the IEC but it would just be redundant.

Funny, I had a feeling that someone would catch on to what you are saying…

You are so right!

But I wonder what it (M 1200) is going to sound like?
Anyone got any insights?