M700 input voltage

Would like to find out if the M700 has a switchable 120/230V voltage ? Thinking of buying 2nd M700 from oversea.

Thanks !!

Per the Specs page–
“Voltage Options
Factory set only Japan 100V
North America 120V
Europe/Asia/Australia/New Zealand 230V”

Is it still possible to change it after it has been factory settled ?

I have no idea; have you asked PSA?

No, it does not.

No. It’s a factory only setting.

Thanks Paul for the info

@Paul Why not to use multiple input transformer with a switch? Is it bad for SQ?

No, not at all. I wish we could because it would make our lives a lot easier. We do it to protect overseas markets from people buying our products at deep discounts here and then selling them overseas at less than our distributors have to charge.

Our model is an old one and something we’d love to figure out how to modernize someday. Distributors have to charge more because it costs more to import and service our products. On an individual basis units can be smuggled into the country avoiding VAT, customs, etc. If that wasn’t bad enough the next problem is servicing those products or helping with setup. Without the distributors hiring technicians and keeping inventory to fix or replace a broken unit, our level of customer service would be impossible.

It’s a tough problem for any manufacturer selling abroad. Some companies, like B and W fix it by raising domestic prices to match the higher prices overseas. Thus, no one feels slighted. That just seems back asswords to us.