M700 opinions and other ideas moving from a dead NAD

Hey All

My NAD C298 went out last night. It could be something simple like a fuse, which isn’t user serviceable. But I’ve had issues with one channel going out about a year ago too.

Im thinking about dumping the unit.

Opinions on the m700? There’s a used unit at TMR for 1700 right now that has warranty through 2024.

My other thought is parasound (class a/b John Curl design) but those are huge and space is an issue.

Any other ideas in the under 2k price range? Rotel???

Out of their current inventory I would talk to them about the certified pre-owned SPL S800, They are an SPL dealer.

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I’m a very happy M700 user. Unburstable, slightly warm sounding and with very good levels of detail. They’re a design which seems “simple” enough to provide a long life, too.
I agree the SPL is worth asking about, too. If you call them they’re really helpful and will be able to recommend whether or not one is more suited to your speakers and give you an idea of the character of each.



Step one is getting my NAD repaired. Step 2 I’ll look at an m700.

I don’t hear much positive about the m700 I will say and there is always a ton of them for sale on the used market.

I like the form factor, the class d, the price, and the fact that they’re separates.

I’m pretty happy with my M700s. I don’t have the golden ear that many members here have. I think they’re a huge bargain.

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There are a lot of positives about the sound quality of the M700’s. While I had a pair, and did trade them in for the M1200’s, the M700’s have VERY good sound for the price, and are especially good at $1700 used. Parasound is also appealing too, both the larger A21+ and the smaller A23+, at $3000 and $1550, and currently on sale (new).

DS DAC>BHK Pre>M700’s…for the money, it does exactly what they are supposed to do better than most. It all depends upon what you’re looking for musically speaking.

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You haven’t mentioned whcih speakers you have. I’ve been happily living with a pair for about a year and they mate well with my Dunlavy SC-III.A speakers.

Spendor A7’s. I like the sound of these and don’t plan to get anything else other than going up the Spendor line to the d7.

I moved up the Spendor chain to the big Classics from the A7s. No brainer, but I still miss those svelte floorstanders. Sound delivered defied their slim form factor.

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I’m thinking the NAD will be fixed up in a few weeks.

Great. Love the unit. There’s just something unsettling about an amp that just stops working though. I don’t know how common this is.

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I pulled the unit out of the rack and got the original box from the basement. Guess what, the fuse isn’t in the unit. I look on the floor, and the fuse is on the floor.

I assume it got pulled out when I was removing a plug?

Anyways, put fuse back and the unit works.

But, still no sound from right sub. So it still has to go in.


Now I’m thinking about getting a second NAD for mono power.

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“I don’t have the golden ear that many members here have”

They ‘think’ they have lol

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I’m now thinking about moving to a Luxman integrated, and sell off my separates.

Anyone have experience with their internal phono stage???

Is the NAD still working?
Someone else recently went to an integrated amp from separates and noticed a reduction in sound quality.
If your NAD is working, a 2nd one will improve the soundstage.


I’ll first go demo the Luxman at my local store and see what I think.

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NAD got shipped across the country for repair. The idea of a Luxman sounds really appealing.