M700's unstacked

After reading the Stereophile review, I decided to unstack my M700’s. I found a new spot behind my OLED TV on top of the cabinet. For temporary isolation feet, I glued four 2" squares of corrugated cardboard turning each layer 90 degrees. I sat these on the top of two layers of new fluffy microfiber squares and topped the stack with a sticky felt furniture pad. While I was in isolation mode, I folded two thick layers of microfiber and placed them under my center speaker (Mackie HR824 near field monitor) which sits in the cabinet.

The HR824 was clearer and louder on the miro stack.

The large cabinet had to be moved and the rear panel removed so doing A/B comparisons for stacking or unstacking was not possible. However, listening to familiar music revealed focused placement of instruments in the sound stage. The sound stage also was wider. Some familiar bass drum music was very fast and tight. I feel that even with my temporary feet and unstacking is another improvement.

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Out of curiosity how is this even possible? I also read the review and just don’t see how that makes any difference at all. I’m no electrical engineer I admit so I have no leg to stand on just interested in opinions on what could cause this potentially.

Every component generates, and is simultaneously sensitive to, electromagnetic fields (EMFs) which are a combination of an electrical field and a magnetic field. Manufacturers take this into account by building in shielding, keeping sensitive components away from areas of the unit which generate fields, etc. But EMFs are everywhere. Thus, where we place components can impact the sound.

Lots of science, but there is a bit of art to - especially for us as end users.

Thanks again Elk. In other words a bit of trial and error on placement can go a long way when it comes to amps in general.

And preamps, and DACs, and power cords, etc. :slight_smile:

I’m new to monoblock amplifiers and often see them on the floor next to speakers in audio room setups. Is this related to our previous discussions regarding EMF interference or is there something else in play here that benefits this type of setup? (Long interconnect (balanced) short speaker cable)

In my mind having amps on or near the floor is a high risk due to dust, static if carpeted and humans being what we are and eventually kicking or damaging something by accident. Thanks for any input any of you might have.

You’re exactly right. The optimal setup from what I understand from Paul is longer runs of balanced interconnects and shorter speaker cables due to the reasons mentioned above. Of course that requires the space to do so and run the risk of kicking, etc. I don’t have mine that way mainly due to space limitations in between the speakers (2 subs and center channel speaker). OTOH, there’s nothing that says you can’t have the amps protected in a rack next to the speakers.