Mad Scientist Tweek


Ok, if anyone would know about tweeking products, you guys would. I have heard of Mad Scientist Black Discus, for use with power products. It can actually be used for signal cables. Anyway, I have ordered a few of these and would like to know if any of you gents have any experience with them. I usually run from tweeking, but decided to give this one a chance.


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I’ve been a bad bad boy. Today I decided to use the free sample discs in my amp. I simply cut out a circle of copper sheet, and made a sandwich with it and the two discs. This was recommended by the inventor of the discs to begin with. He said to use copper washers in the middle of the sandwich, but I didn’t find any in my Mad Scientist lab. Ok, so I drilled three holes in the sandwich for the power wires to slip through. This was done near the power transformer. Put it all back together, and am starting to listen. I won’t confirm what i think that I hear just yet, but I will say that I like it.


Thanks Gordon

a quick check Mad Scientist Audio Ltd is at the other end of the country to me, though I am in the vicinity in a week and will seek to investigate.

Take up the free trial I am and report back here,

I have previously used WA loudspeaker chips and cable chips though found the sound pleasing momentarily but after removing them a few days later more life and dynamic sound comes back into the system. this was repeatable many times. same effect resulted. I wonder how the cupcake looking devices will affect the sound :-?

Thanks for pointing them out


So the investigation begins. Soon I will receive mine, and will also report on this strange and mysterious product. I was thinking of putting one in my pocket, but it seems risky. I need another route…here kitty kitty.


Since there are no boundries to tweeks, why not go organic?

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I will be voting in support of these after trying the samples today =D>

It took five minutes before I felt my system was energised with the influence

details standout more defined sounds more musical I pulled them off and heard a change. I would like to do this blind with someone managing that and see if I’m not being influenced. I like the sound of my system as it is but cant help feel these were positive.

I could not hear anything negative resulting from them being attached.

I put them on the power input of the powerbase which feeds the P-5 which powers all component. The other one was put on the power amplifier - power in connector.

It is highly likely I will purchase the power purifier kit :O)


I’ve been listening now on and off for the better part of the day at various levels and as the volume goes up it just sounds better I’m liking the blue sample Discus try before you buy from the Mad Scientist some Kiwi Black Magic going on here =))

what will the Discus do to my DirectStream; I had the Discus the next day in the post after enquiry though I have to be extremely patient for the DirectStream to arrive it certainly is not coming by direct post that’s for sure =P~

I will be looking on the PCB when the DS kit arrives checking for the black Discus =))


So far, my experience is with the sample discs. I put on Super Tramp Breakfast in America. This is the most unlistenable disc I own. Edgy is the immediate word that pops to mind. Even in the vinyl copy it was towards the harsh side. So, with the use of the discs, it isn’t great but a big step to towards passable.


I know that this is off my original topic, but even though this wasn’t intended as a tweek, it just might be. I am replacing 28 year old electrolytic capacitors in my Forte’ 3 amp with these. They are replacements for a Nakamichi PA7 power amp. They are obviously larger in value and size/voltage (27,000uf 65 volt caps, compared to 33,000uf 100 volt replacements). Will you all posted.

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I have been trying 6 of the Canopener size [30mm] in various locations of my system. I’m still uncertain as to their effect, but if anything,it’s subtle and never sounds worse. I hear slight improvments with the BlackDiscus on the interconnects and speaker cable posts, not on the powercords. I’m sure it’ll vary with the type of system. Anyway, I like where they are now and will listen more critically.


Just a catch up. I have been using one can opener size, one mini size, two keg type size, and two free sample discs. Overall, I get the sense that these devices have increased better bass output from the system. The highs are a little smoother, but not in a way that I appreciate. And the midrange is fine, and open, but in a different way than it was before. I will decrease the number of discs to a number that gives me what I want, but not too much of it. More is not always better.


I’m trying some now. So far I’m getting no difference except an annoying blip on my BS radar. I’ll give them a fair go and report back.


I almost hesitate to add this, but, I read a recent ‘upgrade’ that might apply to these discs. Since they seem to affect something about the AC sinewave, adding small magnet on the top of them has been suggested as an experiment. I realize that this may be an eye rolling idea, but for the sake of experimenting, I may try to see what happens, if anything, when a magnet is applied. Read the blog at Mad Scientist to learn more. On a positive note, I don’t feel that this guy is trying to make a killing here. I feel that he has some merit worth exploring. As I might have mentioned before, I am waiting upon delivery of a new Emotiva ERC3 CD player, and will start some of this process over again to help verify any effect that is real.


I’m waiting for the P++ to arrive and will have it in my hands in a few days, I will report back here after a good listen, the P++ is the top of the range and employs two magnetic kegs one on each ~ -/+ leg

Be interesting to see how we go with the P++

I have the P-5 sitting on the powerbase so there are a few option to test this tweak out with connected components