Has anyone tried this magic elixir...NPS-1260 3-D Audio enhancer?

A bit pricey at $349

It sounds rather hocus-pocus to me. And I’m very open to almost all audio “tweaks”.


I am of course skeptical, but I have some of Rick Schultz’s older products from Virtual Dynamics, and I’ve tried some of his newer products from High Fidelity Cables, and they deliver the goods.

If I had to guess here I think he’s using magnetic nanoparticles as a way of enhancing connections.


I’ve tried contact enhancers like that in the past and they do work, however Rick claims his product is more than a contact enhancer. He didn’t give away the details but he’s known for his use of magnetics to enhance the transfer of signals, which he claims travel in a magnetic field around the cables.


AQ uses contact grease inside its speaker cable terminations. I do not know about their interconnects.

I used to use a product made by Sumiko called ‘Tweek’ back the 80s and it definitely made an audible improvement.

I believe that is the same product I tried way back when, and it did make a difference. Rick’s product supposably works in a different realm. It enhances and strengthens the magnetic field, which travels outside of the cables and connectors, where Rick and many others believe the signal travels. This product supposedly helps facilitate the transfer of the signal in the magnetic field and at the weakest points in our system, the connections.

After talking with the folks as MG Chemicals in Canada, I started using their Super Contact Cleaner with PPE instead of Caig Gold. The rep told me it would best Caig and the other audiophile contact enhancers, but he couldn’t get the company interested in marketing to audiophiles. I’ve only used Caig previously, so I can’t speak to his brag, but it does indeed best the Caig Gold in terms of better sound from my system. I picked up a can on Amazon some years ago for under $20US. I’d be curious to see how it stacks up to this $349 enhancer.

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This is nothing new. No-ox-I’d has been around for over 65 years.

Yes, tried and tested stuff is always low risk, and low cost without claims of rocket science or supernatural properties.

I’ll be contacting Rick at High Fidelity cables and asking him if I can try this product risk free. It’s good to be skeptical about things that are harder to explain based on our current understanding of Electrical properties, but one should remain open minded enough to try new things. Rick Schultz has been around for a while and his products are well reviewed. He’s definitely not a bullshitter.

Hey, this stuff could be the audiophile’s Marvel Mystery Oil.

Thanks for leading on this. Please let us know how it goes. I’ve been using old stuff that works, but not magical, such as conductive grease for speaker cable terminations and sprays for interconnects.

Snake oil in a bottle! I’ll be . . . .!

Yeah that makes sense. Why would someone who has a successful high end cable company that’s been around for years put out a product that doesn’t produce tangible results, and ruin his reputation?

I am currently using the product. It is absolutely fantastic. I was shocked by the results. It is by far the best upgrade that I have ever made, bar none. It is not cheap but what you get in return is really amazing. If anyone in the DFW area would like a personal demo I would be happy to show you the results. A little goes a long way.

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“The NPS 1260 3D Enhancer solution is, by far, the most astonishing tweak I have reviewed over the past two decades. While its description reads like snake oil to audiophiles who have ever been burned with a purchase — and they are legion, the proof is in the application. The tiny 1.5ml bottle is sufficient to treat an entire system and virtually every component that carries an electrical signal will benefit from it. All your sources, all your amps, and nearly all your cables.”

Can Gary_M and JVZ give more details please as to what the actual benefits you are hearing please?

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I haven’t tried the product myself, but plan on doing so at some point. I own, and have tried some of Rick’s other products, and I definitely think there’s something to his use of magnetic induction.