Magico Magic (and unrelated matters)


I also try to get as much hardware out of the listening room as possible, and for that I use a 42RU server rack. Ideally I’d just like to have only the speakers and pre-amp in the listening room, and if I were to build in the future that’s how I would do it. However the cost of the cables to do it this way would be significant.


How is the new Transport . Settling in nicely ?


It’s so good I’ve decided to sell it and buy the new model.


You make me laugh once more. P1 was just a sampler until the real thing came along…!


Yeah, I wasn’t sure there was any reason to own a disc spinner any more, until I owned a good one. Now I’m sure. It’s now on eBay for AU$35K. If anybody in 230V land wants it they can PM me their offer (I can do a slightly better price here than on eBay).

It sounds better and works much better than DMP, however it is a lot more expensive than DMP.


Magico Ultimate III horn speaker system.

What costs $600,000 the pair, takes 18 month months to build, weighs 1000 pounds per side, must be driven by ten amps, employs an active DSP-controlled crossover, uses six ALE compression drivers and four custom-made mid-bass and bass drivers, has trapezoidal and spherical horns CNC-milled out of aircraft-grade aluminum?

The specs:

  • Driver Complement:
    1 x 1" horn loaded tweeter
    1 x 6" horn loaded upper midrange
    1 x 20” horn loaded lower midrange
    1 x 12” horn loaded Midbass
    1 x 15” Woofer, coupled with a 4,000 watt amplifier
  • Sensitivity: 114dB
  • Impedance:16 Ohms
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz–33kHz

■ Height: 94" (238 cm)
■ Width: 18" (footprint) - 48" (top) (45/122 cm)
■ Depth: 42" (footprint) - 65" (top) (106/165 cm)
■ Weight: 1100 lbs. each (499 kg)

One of my friends has a set of Magico M6 - it’s just a Box speaker lol at a wild price :grinning::vulcan_salute:


1.6M DKK = US$243K. Pricey. US$172K MSRP in the U.S. You could (almost) buy a pair of M3 and M6 in the U.S. for the cost of M6 in Denmark. Somebody is making some nice money on these on the Denmark side.


Yes the Danish state my friend. It is luxury goods and is taxed like that and so is (plus) 25 percent VAT - We have a free hospital for everyone and free school and university etc for everyone … absolutely free

My Mercedes costs US$ 243K You can see it under cars


We have free hospital and school etc in Australia, and we only pay 10% tax. Heck, the government pays me a salary to stay home and look after my kids! I can buy Magico speakers in Australia cheaper than buying them in the US and shipping them here.


We are only 5 million people and there are taxes on everything if we ourselves impotence from abroad. We are also paid to stay home to care for our children or sufferers. We also have a high pension salary when we stop working. USD 36,454.73 per year


Guys stop your bragging… Here is the US collage costs can exceed 60K a year. Some students have 200k+ in student loans before their first job. Heath care coverage usually has many thousands of dollars of a deductible before a % of coverage is provided. Oh and if you get sick without coverage you could lose your home - that’s assuming you have one of those as they are very expensive. How much are those Magico Ultimate III’s again?


This is why the refugees on Nauru and Manus Islands resisted being resettled to the United States. They would rather sit it out where they are in the hope of eventually being resettled in Australia because of the generosity of our welfare system.

I spent 4 years at College doing a Science degree, not only did the degree cost me nothing, I was paid to do it. Free hospital. Paid to stay home and look after my kids. Pension for life. And only 10% tax on Magico speakers etc. No wonder there is a long queue of economic refugees in Indonesia waiting to get on a boat and land on our shores and get their snouts in the feeding trough. Genuine refugees would jump at the chance of being resettled in the US.


While I appreciate this is a junk thread and people have been getting along well discussing whatever, this current discussion is likely not to end well.

Let us please move onto another topic.


“Oh and if you get sick without coverage you could lose your home”

Even people who are insured here in the U.S., often go bankrupt and lose their homes, because of out of pocket expenses when they get sick. The U.S. is the only developed country without universal health Care.


I’m with Elk on this one.


Agree With my friend ELK :kissing_heart:

more love Denmark


Elk has a point, this is a topic I swerve: same situation with religion, politics, audio cables and coat hangers!


You should have listened, I did say you wouldn’t be content with a P1 knowing there is a more up to date, advanced P1-X model. How “old” is the P1….it must be getting on in “days” now. Possibly 12 days or there about ? Luckily - they are cheap to buy with you being so poor …………! What a man!


Yeah, 2 weeks old is about right. I’m still bamboozled by turning it on because the power button is very flush and discrete with the power unit facia and is difficult to feel where to press. The P1 has all sorts of different up-sampling and filter options. I’m playing CD as 16bit/88kHz and clocked at 10 MHz, it sounds phenomenal. It’s a tweakers delight. My reading on the Grandioso owners forum is that each up-sampling filter requires separate break-in. Whilst I might try other output options I’m rather content with the 2X up-sample for the time being. The P1 can also send DSD via AES/EBU to my DAC so the native SACD capability I had with the DMP/DSJ combo via 12S I now have back again.

P1X was supposed to be available last month but it’s still not up on the Esoteric product website. Which means my P1 is still the current top-dog model.


I never switch my equipment off. I put the BHK kit on standby but leave everything else in a permanent state of power. I do notice a drop in enjoyment level when I’ve switched the equipment off each time I finish a listening session.

I realise others think it is stupid leaving the equipment permanently powered, but I hear an improvement and that’s what’s important to me, I care less if others disagree… ! My system is in constant use every day…!