My Esoteric N-03T is broken

I was playing music and in the middle of a track, the music stopped. The screen display shows “net error”. I tried other ethernet cables and check with other devices with these cables and there was no problem with cables or the modem.
I contacted the Esoteric distributor and he say he will have to relay my message to the engineering team in Japan for answer.
My player is still under warranty so no problem. Esoteric even extended the warranty for 3 years for free, so I thought their products was bullet proof, apparently this one is not. I have absolutely no problems with their other components though.

So now I pull out the DMP to fill in while I send the Esoteric for repair.
Boy, what a disappointment this DMP sounds!! The DMP really sounds mediocre compared with the Esoteric. The Esoteric is completely in a different league!! The DMP’s clarity, presence, and freedom from noise smearing the images is not the same. I’ll need time to adjust to this lowered resolution, but I’ll be OK. I will get the Esoteric back. BTW, I used same power cord and the new AQ Dragon HDMI with the DMP plugged into the P20 also.
Now I will have to do the Dragon /RAL shootout with the DMP instead.

Good thing I still have my turntable for serious listening. Only my turntable can compete with the Esoteric. The Esoteric still has the an advantage in vividness and detail, but my turntable beats the Esoteric in fullness especially in the bass and less aggressive, more pleasing sound. There’s a sense of ease the Esoteric can’t match.

I hope it gets repaired and back to you quickly.

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Sad mishap! As long as there’s warranty and good service, it’s a matter of time before everything goes back to normal. I hope this gets resolved quickly.

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Now as I’m listening more to the DMP, it’s not sounding too bad with this AQ Dragon HDMI cable. My brother is coming over to check it out comparing it to my other cables, the WWPlatinum S7 and the RAL and see what he thinks. He is also bring over his Tara Labs The Cobalt power cord ($5k) to compare with my Acoustic Zen Gargantua II ($1.5k) and see if we can improve the sound of the DMP.

My Jay’s Audio CD transport stopped functioning for me last week. Quite surprising. I contacted Alvin and we quickly decided it was the drive logic board and he sent one out immediately. It is arriving tomorrow. Excellent service, as always.

UPDATE: The new logic board arrived at no charge to me. I installed it and I am back in business. One week turnaround. Not bad for dealing with a company based out of China. Alvin takes care of his customers!!!


If your DMP has been unplugged for a long time it will take days for it to come up to speed. This is true for any piece of electronics. When ever I go on vacation I unplug all my gear. Upon returning I notice it takes about 3 days for things to stabilize again.


I hope Esoteric is good as well, we’ll see.

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We’ll see how long it takes for the DMP to get up to snuff. Today’s the second day and it does sound much better already.
My brother was just here and he said WOW, your system with the DMP sounds really good. I told him, but you’re listening to the new AQ Dragon HDMI though. So I played him the same thing and changed the cable to the RAL and he said forget it, the Dragon is in another league, way better. That’s what I said yesterday. You can really hear it. The resolution and clarity is much better with the Dragon.
Then I changed to the WW Platinum S7. He said that’s the worst one, RAL is better. It got pretty muddled sounding with the WW. That’s only in comparison though. Actually the WW is not a bad cable at all. It was a reference a while back, but things have changed.
With the power cords, my brothers Tara Labs Cobalt sound fuller and richer than the AZ Gargantua II, the AZ sounded a little more focus and detail. Depends on your taste what you like. The AZ is an excellent cable for the money.

It’s great that you have your old reliable DMP to fall back on.
I missed it, what DAC are you using with your Esoteric and DMP?

The DS with just the Sunlight upgrade and the transformer mod. People don’t realize how good the DS can get until they try it with better amps and cables. It hasn’t stop sounding better with every change and upgrade I made. The transparency is unbelievable with the Esoteric and Dragon cable.


Are you a member of any other other forums where Peter from Lumin participates regularly?

No, why? Would Peter be interested in what I have to say?

As the streamer section of the Esoteric’s is based on Lumin software and architecture he might have some idea what the error message means and a possible way around it. Might also know if the message indicates a hardware or software problem. On the forums he troubleshoots for Lumin, Esoteric and Teac streamers as they all run Lumin software. He regularly participates on Audioshark, Audio Aficionado and Audiophile Style responding to threads and PM’s. As a thought have you shut everything in the streaming chain down all the way back to the router and including the control point and brought it back up in order.

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That’s interesting. But I think it may be a hardware problem. I seem to hear a pop right before it failed in the middle a a song. Definitely not the modem or cables as I still have other thing working fine on this modem and I even shut down the EtherRegen many times and it’s not that either. I’ll just wait for Esoteric to get back to me.
Esoteric may be using the same software as Lumin, but their hardware I don’t believe are quite the same.

The DMP is sounding rather good tonight. Maybe the Dragon is breaking in or is it the DMP is warming up, probably both. Thanks to @Gary_M with this breaking in stuff, he’s gotten me all confused right now. I’m beginning to be like @aangen. When he upgrades, he upgrades several things at the same time so you never know which is doing what.

Yes, it’s both, but it’s mostly your new cable breaking-in. I ran a signal through my new Thunderbird 48 HDMI cable nonstop for two weeks, and it kept improving. At that point I stopped burning it in nonstop because it sounded so good, even though I knew it usually takes close to 1000 hrs to burn-in cables. I thought to myself, maybe because HDMI cables are digital they don’t need a full 1000 hrs to burn-in. Well I now realize they too need a full 1000 hrs to settle in, because every time I listen to my system it continues to improve.

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I’m guilty of the upgrading 2 or more things at the same time. :confounded:

I always tell myself one upgrade at a time but I have no patience.

Tho I did the Edcor upgrade to the DSD and I held off on putting an upgraded fuse in my Auralic. Glad I did because Synergistic has the buy two get one going this month if I go with more orange.

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Don’t forget, your transformers are still breaking in. It takes a very long time before it settles. If you put in a new Orange fuse right now, you will have that situation again, which are you hearing, the transformers or the fuse. :upside_down_face:

The DSD already has a orange fuse for about 9 months. The Auralic is newer to my system. About 6 weeks now. It has a stock fuse and I’ve read some post with positive results upgrading the the fuse in the G2. I also want to upgrade the fuse in my Sbooster that powers my matrix Spdif so I think I will take advantage of the by two get one free. Tweakers got to tweak.

That is probably why every few days I felt my system sounded better. The new AQ Firebird 48 sounded great but is still improving and I have not made any change to other components. I switched back to my old AQ Coffee HDMI and that is how I found the Firebird still sounded a bit congested so I know it has not reached its peak yet.
But a 1000 hours? Gee, I probably will have another cable or tubes in before that.

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