Magnum Dynalab tuners

Straight forward question, I hope. Are Magnum Dynalab tuners really as good as I’ve heard? I have the opportunity to pick up a FT101a locally for what looks to be a fair price. I’ve had a couple tuners in my system over the years and I can’t say any of them ever did much for me.

I like mine, but I don’t think it’s the best tuner imaginable, but I can’t afford the very best. I like the tube stage and balanced output. . . . Decent sound. I live in an area that I only want to hear about four stations and my favorite is over sixty miles away and doesn’t always come in extremely well. . . sigh.

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Would a Magnum Dynalab F-205R FM Signal Amplifier help with the weak favourite?

Perhaps, but too expensive for my blood these days.

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They are very good, as was the no longer available Fanfare tuner.

Keep in mind however the sound from a good tuner is still compromised by the incoming signal. It will not sound as good as a CD, but still vastly better than the average tuner.


I am enjoying an MD106T tuner but I always enjoyed their tuners even their entry level tuners.

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MD 105 owner here. Worth every dime I paid for it. Remember a super tuner can be no better than the signal it’s fed. I’m lucky to have a superb signal from WFMT Chicago to listen to. Oh and do yourself a favor by investing in a decent antenna. Not one of those cheap 300 ohm ribbon things. If you’re going to buy a fine tuner, it’s worth buying a good antenna for it. Enjoy.


I have one also. I listen to radio (WBGO) every day. It’s excellent.

I used to check a website called about all the models of the FM tuners. There is a review of the FT101a ! That model is a great candidate for audiophile modification !

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Having had one and since sold it I’d say they are fine, but my butt ugly Mitsubishi DA-F10, DA-F20 and Kenwood KT-7020 out performed it sonically. The DA-F20 being my preferred tuner to this day.

Check out the Tuner Information Center for an unbiased comparative review of various tuners.

Tuner Information Center

You are best off with a Channel Master FM antenna and a CDE-HAM-2 rotator on a high mast, (36 feet), with a Channel Master FM preamplifier mounted at the antenna balun. I have this set up at my summer home and it will pull in FM from 75-80 miles away with either a Mitsubishi DA-F10, DA-F20 or the now long gone KT-7020. In my college days I worked with a fellow student and professor in a sideline business, Tele-Comm Co., installing satellite earth stations, TV and FM antennas. You need to start with a quality antenna and Fm preamplifier. The professor was Paul Mayes at UI Urbana, specializing in electromagnetics, and log-periodic antenna design.

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To my ear it seems a lot of what is put out on FM that merits listening is mp3 at best. I know of several FM station exceptions, but they are rare and typically community radio, driven by audio oriented djs spinning vinyl live. BTW, WFMT is a national treasure, and WNUR is a plain riot to listen to, especially their morning jazz.

Antenna wise I have a large one mounted inside my attic and it’s pointed halfway between Baltimore and Washington. I also have an even bigger one on the chimney, pointed the same way. I’d have no issue adding a rotor to the outside one if there were stations I wanted and that would pull them in. I’ve always believed an antenna in the attic at a minimum was needed for acceptable radio performance. The tuner is currently attached to the one in the attic but that could easily be switched. It sounds like it would be a good investment to pick up the tuner. Thanks everyone.

I really enjoy mine.

The tubes seem to soften and warm the FM feed a bit.

I use a Magnum Dynalab antenna (not absolutely sure they make 'em but they sell 'em on their web site) that works great for me. Its called the ST-2 Omnidirectional FM Antenna.

I installed it along the inside edge of a window in the bonus room that houses my HT/Stereo combination system.

My tuner is an upgraded Etude, which was modified to 102T specs. way back in 2007.

Here are some pictures, just for fun:

Once dialed in on a good station, it’s a really enjoyable source. I don’t use it a lot, but I like to throw it on in the background sometimes and listen to dedicated music programs from time to time.

I would not hesitate to recommend a MD Tuner.


[Note: I have no idea why the images keep rotating when they load. I played with them on the desk top and no matter what I do, they load so they are rotated as shown :man_shrugging:.]


I will say that when I listen to the radio, it’s for background music or news. SQ has never been a consideration as long as the signal is free of static.


For me it would depend on the programming, news I listen, jazz I listen, classical I listen, otherwise it is background or off. Having two tuners presently neither see use anymore. I can get what I need streaming with a more reliable signal. In general the programming is not worth the effort save WFMT, WNUR, and some community radio.

It’s all good. I needed to do some neck exercise anyway :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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That’s affirmative. I have a MD102T going strong for over 10 years. I listen to local jazz/classical FM station without an antennae. Unless you’re in the boonies or something, the ST-2 FM antenna should work just fine.

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