My tuner adds noise to system

I am enjoying my system more than ever. I have a nice Magnum Dynalab md106t tuner which I have been using for 12 years but recently while having my tuner repaired at Magnum Dynalab I notice that my system sounds much better with the tuner taken out of the system. I enjoy the tuner but I notice that the sound is better without the tuner in the system even if the tuner is off. Does anyone else notice this with tuners in their system. The sound is better to the point where I don’t want to hook up back the tuner. Anyone else notice this?

Any hum or elevation in noise at the tweeters when system is powered up and nothing is playing WITH and/or WITHOUT tuner “hooked up”…?

There is a little hiss from tweeters which is perfectly normal. The tuner noise is RF which is also normal and only noticeable when the tuner is removed. My system sounds better without tuner connected. I am leaving the tuner out of the system as the sound is better.

Did you contact MD yet to have their opinion?

I have had my tuner maintained by MD over the past 12 years so the tuner is well kept up. I have noticed this issue with every tuner I have ever had and I believe it to be normal. The sound without a tuner in the chain sounds significantly better but I will keep my tuner on the side unplugged for now. I am getting incredible sound.