Maple platform a good idea under a P15?

I was wondering if that would be a good thing to do. Right now my new P15 is sitting on the rug next to my equipment rack. The floor is suspended over a crawlspace. If a maple platform is recommended, would I be better putting Stillpoints under it to the floor, or something like an Isoacoustics between the P15 and the platform?

I don’t like any component on a rug. I prefer a solid, hard surface.
My P20 sits on isolators but it would be the last thing in my system to get some. I noticed an improvement but it was very minor compared to everything else.

Oh, I agree @RonP. I did not intend to keep the P15 on the rug for the long term. I wasn’t sure if a platform would be better than spikes or footers directly under the regenerator.

Now that I think of it, I’m pretty sure I have an old Sistrum platform that isn’t being used. Maybe I’ll give that a try.

If you’re looking at maple platforms from a certain company that has somewhat hyperbolic ads promoting the audible benefits of air-dried lumber, be aware that if you live in a drier climate than where those platforms are “dried,” they are not really dry. As they acclimate to your location, they will split and warp. Consider acquiring kiln-dried lumber from a local yard and doing the work yourself. You’ll save money and avoid having to plane and refinish the platform in a year or two.

If they were still available I’d recommend the PS Audio PowerBase under the regenerator. I’ve found the individual and cumulative effect of these to be very positive in my system. I now even have them under my speakers. But they have been discontinued.

Don’t worry, PB, I’m not. :slightly_smiling_face: I’d read about that a while ago on other sites. And I agree - kiln dried is the way to go.