Marketplace Best Practices

I’m preparing to do something I truly hate - sell stuff.
Listings typically state asking price, shipping terms, and basic payment options but nothing about transaction terms.
Are there any best practices guiding the exchange of money and stuff and ways to protect both seller and buyer?


Hate selling so much I give away


Nothing specifically to protect either party except honesty. I have both bought and sold a few items with good results although it is always a little stressful.

Everyone here is honest as far as I know.

For items less than $10k I have used both pay pal F&F, wire transfer, and check. Both buying and selling.

For more expensive stuff wire transfer is best. You can usually get a good feel for the buyer or seller by spending a little time on the phone.

If you just want to gt rid of the stuff The Music Room will buy almost anything but they need to be able to resell it so the offering price is less than you might want.

I have sold some pretty expensive stuff to them and also bought from them always with good results.


I’ve purchased and sold many thousands of dollars worth of equipment through Audiogon using PayPal as my preferred method of payment, without incident. There is no iron clad way I know of to protect seller and buyer beyond using common sense. Common sense being transparency. That means knowing the address (verified) phone number and any other means of communicating between the parties. As a seller I keep my buyer apprised of every stage of the transaction from when I received payment to when I intend to ship to provision of a tracking number and even verifying the buyer has taken delivery and the item is as advertised. All of this this is (or should be) above board business practice. Any hesitation on either end of the transaction to be transparent, no deal.


With the exception of giving it away :grin:, it’s all great advice guys. Thank you.

I actually sold a pair of bookshelf speakers and an integrated amp through TMR recently and was very happy with the entire process. They couldn’t have make it any easier. Both were priced as I expected, sold within a couple of days of posting, and payment was prompt.

But they were priced such that the service they provided and the hassles avoided were well worth their 35% commission. This time around I’m planning to sell the M1200s, which will list for substantially more than my last sale. I’ve asked if they accept lower commissions on higher priced gear but I’m not holding my breath.

Thanks again.