Matrix Help - Output is PCM

I recently acquired a Matrix SPDIF from a fellow forum member, and I cannot make it output DSD, no matter what I try, the Directstream shows PCM on the I2s input. It does play music, but according to the Directstream, just not via DSD.

I’ve tried the following:
-Both Tidal direct to the Zen Stream and NAS files.
-both I2s inputs
-different cables
-made sure all the matrix switches are off (and tried them “on” one at a time)
-power cycled everything multiple times
-direct steam is running sunlight
-tried both usb power and adapter power to the matrix

Thanks, I really appreciate any help, it feels like I’m missing something but I can’t figure it out.

Thanks for the reply, could you clarify if that is just for using Roon? (I’m not)

What I’m not getting, I’ve seen plenty of user pics in the main Matrix thread (now closed) that shows the Directstream showing the I2s input as “DSD.” Is that what it’s supposed to show after the matrix does its thing, or (per Ted’s reply in your link) PCM=DSD in this case?

Thanks again, I fully realize I’m like 4 years late to this discussion lol.

Tidal doesn’t stream anything besides PCM. I only ise roon and don’t have any DSD NAS files. There are other post from Ted Smith regarding DSD files smuggled through PCM. Iif you have DSD CDs played by a DSD compatible cd player they would show as DSD.

As for the network player you use for NAS files it may be smuggling DSD as PCM. There are plenty of members here that stream network and play DSD files that can share their knowledge better than I.

It sounds like it might have something to do with your source. That is, what’s feeding the Matrix X-SDPDIF. Can you give us some more details regarding your source (device)?

Matrix does not convert the format. If you feed PCM, you get PCM output.
Can you try DSD files (.dsf)?

Thanks again guys, yep I was definitely missing something. I managed to find a .dsf file and the Directstream shows DSD when played. Clearly everything is working as it should.

Happy New Year!


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