DSD encapsulated to PCM?

Why need DSD Jr to convert DSD to PCM in order to communicate through Roon?
Am I wrong with settings?

No the settings are correct. DOP is just used to stream DSD - the DAC reads it as DSD.

DSD isn’t being converted to PCM: DSD being smuggled to the DAC thru a system that only expects PCM, think of the PCM as an envelope around the DSD that’s opened by the DAC to get the original DSD bits.

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Thanks guys and Ted. Got it.

Yes good information, I had the same question.

Smuggled is a excellent description of the process @tedsmith. Great choice of words!

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I “think” if you turn off volume leveling and any other DSP settings in Roon the stream will go straight thru as DSF/DSD64 without encapsulation. Not sure if it will sound any different.

Vern - I did get the DSD version of “Jazz at the Pawnshop”, then tested it by adding auto volume level and filter w/ Matrix. Going into BII might have been DOP… don’t know, forgot when I had BII hooked up to N+. I do remember seeing DOP…

Richard, I dont remember either. Here is what I show without DSP:

And with DSP

Not sure what it means though. :thinking:

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Now,I’m lost
Are you guys streaming through Bridge II ?
Why your signal is not encapsulated ?

I am using Roon > Nucleus + playing thru Matrix to DSJr via I2S. I “think” the results were the same (memory is no good) with Bridge 2 but it will only do DSD64 max.

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@MariusP - I’m using Roon > Nucleus+ playing thru Matrix to DSD via I2S; "think” the results were the same (I’m officially an old person this summer so my memory is not as good as it once was; grew up last century) with BII; however, the BII will only do single DSD max while the I2S input is double DSD… hope this helps…

I think the difference may be in the use of an I2S connection via the matrix - whereas DOP is usually over USB.