"McIntosh's MC275 tube amplifier will be featured on Science Channel's How It's Made on Thursday night June 5th

Just got this email from Merrill Audio Advanced Technology. Thought a lot of people here might be interested.

"See How the McIntosh MC275 is Made on the Science Channel June 5th 2014.

McIntosh’s MC275 tube amplifier will be featured on Science Channel’s How It’s Made on Thursday night June 5th. Check for your local Science Channels time.

Get an in-depth, behind the scenes look at how this beloved amplifier is made. Watch as the chassis is fabricated, circuit boards are soldered, transformers are wound and potted, tubes are installed and the unit is powered up for the first time.

Tune in or set your DVR! This is a 30 minute show. "

Maybe How It’s made will one day show how they make high end audio equipment, also.

I’m totally kidding! I DVR’d it and about to watch.

In the past they have shown the making of Martin Logan speakers, as well as traditional drivers, Neuman Mics,

LP’s (2 segments in fact). Someone on staff must be a serious audiophile.