Problem to find my Ps Audio DirectStream

Hello audio enthusiasts

I have a question for you. I bought the DirectStream the device also works without problems only I would now very much like to use the network card and stream via my iPad thing on the device. If I connect the network cable I also get an ip address, so I assume the device is connected correctly to my network. If I start the app MconnectLite and search for the device via upnp I unfortunately don’t find this device. I have also reset the network card.

I hope you can help me :grin:

With kind regards

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Have you tried mControl or mControl HD? In my case they’re better than the purchased mConnect versions.

Have you enabled UPnP/DLNA in your router settings?

Make sure this is the app that you’re using.
I’m fairly certain the Lite version doesn’t work.

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As @jamesh previously noted, you want to use “mconnectControl” not any other variant of mconnect applications.

I think the latest version is 2.4.54.

Good luck.

I have used Lite and it was able to find/send to the Bridge (at least the last time I used it - my go to is BubbleUPnP).

Yeah, Bubble is likely more robust anyway.

Jo thanks for your help.

I pay 5,99€.

I have found my device but unfortunately no music comes out. The device shows me the songs but unfortunately no bit rate is displayed. Do you have any idea

Sooo i Dont know what i do But now i see this

Do you have the DAC connected to a preamp or directly to the amplifiers?

Is the mute on by any chance?

I am only working from memory as I no longer have a DAC with s Bridge card installed.

Hi thanks for your help.

I use the PerfectWave Transport cd Player wenn i use the cd i have no Problems. I see Rate and i hear music

Must i use a sd Card in the Media Bridge ?

Not necessary…so, that’s not the issue.


Okay thanks

But i reset the Networkcard the 5 time

I have now managed to get the network card to work. I have removed and reinstalled it. If I start the app mconnect (paid version) it often does not find the device. I then have to reset the device 3 or 4 times via reset bridge. I think that’s not quite right :laughing:

If I am connected to the device and music playback I hear quite strong noise from my speakers. The noise only comes when I use the network card. With cd or usb (Mac Mini) the problems do not come.

When the music is playing the device can not decide which rate to use. It fluctuates between 24,19,48

I hope you can help me

With kind regards

Bridge II uses DOP to render DSD. Yours shows DSD input, which tells me the software is doing it wrong. Have you tried mControl or mControl HD?
Also, if the original DSD file being played is 128 or 256 some software apps won’t downsample it to match Bridge’s requirements (DSD 64)
Roon does it flawlessly.

FWIW, in my experience, if you are having trouble with the network connection to the Bridge Ethernet Card (Bridge) the issue is most likely upstream of the Bridge.

You probably have a modem/router, switch, and/or media converter (or some such kit) “upstream” of the Bridge that is having trouble making or maintaining the “handshake(s)” necessary to make the connection all the way to the bridge.

Assuming none of these in-stream junctions is broken or incompatible with the Bridge, I have found the best way to reset everything and facilitate a good, system-wide handshake is to perform the following ritual:

Power down every single device in the chain that passes along the 1s and 0s. (Hard off, as in unplug and de-energize every gizmo.)

Unplug and re-seat every connector attaching the digital devices to each other.

Once the gizmos have been without power for at least 5 minutes, beginning with the gizmo at the headwaters of the digital stream (starting at the beginning is critical, IME), plug in and power up each digital device, in sequence, saving the DS DAC for last.

Reasonable folks may disagree, but I also found it useful to spin around in a circle three times before plugging each device back in. YMMV.

Good luck to you.

I’ll second that info from past experiences

What about spinning around in a circle? Did that work for you?