MControl App stopped streamind to Bridge II

I haven’t used the App for a few months, but I remember it working ok with Vtuner, Qbuz and Spotify.
It seems to recognize the Bridge II, but I’m getting this “Notice…Delay in streaming or unsupported file format” and unable to stream.
I’ve tried reloading the App and rebooting the Direct Stream a few times. Any suggestions?

Turn off the DSD w/Bridge-II AND the router or network switch upstream. Then should start working again. This can also be caused if the Bridge-II is getting a very slow network speed.

Tried it…Re booted DAC/Bridge, network switch, router…still not working.
Roon works fine, but there’s no Vtuner or Spotify on Roon… Very frustrating. I wish there was another controller that would allow me to access these other features (that I shouldn’t have to pay for).