Amphion Speakers

I bought, a few months ago, in the UK, a PS Stellar 300, and its very good. A few months later I saw the speakers that I had always fancied, The Amphion Argon 3 LS, I got them as replacements for my year old Amphion Argon 1 stand speakers. Just to say the amp sounds wonderful with the new (to me) floorstand 3LS.
Why are these speakers from Finland not heard more in the US?


Maybe because they are trying to compete in not so upper hi-end but middle class hifi and you already have in US many good speaker manufacurers at same price/quality range ,so competing would need something truly special products and aggressive campaigns and reviews to get them more popular. That marketing plus all else just costs more than small Finnish companies can afford. Just my thinking…

We have many very good speaker manufacturers here in Finland,to name a few others too…
Taipuu Speakers

Genelec´s are the most succesful and widely known brand for studio monitors as in home use,others are more hi-fi speakers with totally different looks and sound characters.
I could happily live with any of those ,but instead I went shopping to US for speakers,and found Tekton Design :grin: Grass is always greener on the other side…

You should hear Krypton´s some day if you like Amphion …they are pretty awesome.

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Krypton3’s !


Looking good ! :sunglasses:

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I really like Penaudio speakers. The earlier models required a fair bit of power to drive but the sound was very nice and didn’t require a huge space to sound good. I’ve been hiding in Australia for a number of years now with limited exposure to the outside world so haven’t had a chance to hear the newer models but I have no reason to believe they wouldn’t be equally good.

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Thanks! I like them. Great bang for bucks. Very revealing - they give as good as you feed them with the rest of your kit.

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Joo tervetuloa tänne foorumille @Jussipekka minunkin puolesta. Ei täällä paljon muita Suomalaisia ole juuri näkynytkään. Katsoin että nätti setti sulla siellä on ja soi varmasti hienosti,vaan hiukka kaipaa PS Audiota laitehyllyyn :sweat_smile: jatketaan lontoolla :slightly_smiling_face:

What I´ve heard is that Penaudio have now joined with Mitro ( ex.Sound Factor ,now Audiomania ) and they are coming out with some sort of new top model speaker priced somewhere past 50K€ range.

@philip-ganinternode-on-net easy to believe that and they have always sounded very good to me too when I´ve heard them at shows few times. And now that they are being fed by good gear it must be nice sound there !

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Tattista vaan, sano! Let’s continue in English, Finnish might sound like a stroke to the uninitiated and it’s not polite to make people worry of our wellbeing :wink:

I am painfully aware of the absence of PS Audio in my set now that the ancient garden hose style power cords have also been replaced. Need to do something about that. Having high hopes for the BHK Phono.

It’s a tough market segment to enter but I wish them success with it. I haven’t lived in Finland for decades so I’m quite out of synch with the market there. Even Taipuu was all news to me.

I’ve been focusing on improving the quality of my source and cables lately, which has given me an even greater appreciation of and respect for the speakers. I bought a great coaxial cable which brought to life my old Vincent CD-S6 player (to Directstream DAC), then bought a Roon Nucleus+ to stream with. Awaiting a Matrix Audio X-SPDIF 2 so that I can go USB-> I2S.