Paul's Post On 'How To Buy A Speaker'

Paul says in his latest ‘Paul’s Post’:
‘Choose the company, its people, and its mission, not the speaker. Do a little homework to see if your values line up with theirs . Once you find a company you’re comfortable with, a company whose mission matches your own, that’s when it’s time to check their references, see what kind of reviews they get, and what people think about them. But first, you need to see if they are on the same page as you.’
Would you believe that is exactly what I have done with my next speakers.
Talking about SoundLab!
Yes, I am on the same ‘page’ as them.
Nice to know that I am doing things right!
Hoping to buy a pair of SoundLabs within the next twelve months.
Thanks Paul for your good advice that lined up exactly with what I have done with SoundLab (electrostatics)!
Paul - keep up the good work.
Keep up the good advice.
Look after yourselves guys.

SoundLab is a great company on the right path, though their products are certainly exotic. Good luck with this and do let us know how it works out!

Listen to as many speakers as you can. Side by side in same system is best. Speakers sound very different. It is very easy to hear the differences when you listen to them side by side.

This is where brick and mortar dealers are invaluable. Plus you get good advice.

Sound quality is what matters. The rest is window dressing.

When I purchased my speakers I did long listening sessions (30-45 minutes each, sometimes hours over several visits) of about two dozen different speakers. Listen to music you are extremely familiar with, and music you enjoy. . When you are zeroing in on the right ones, you will know. You will know when you hear it.

I kept coming back to the ones I liked best. It took a few months. If you are serious about getting the best sound it is well worth the effort. And it is fun.

Nothing is more important than speakers in systems quality. Go listen to them. It’s the only way to do it right. After you have compared many speakers against one another, see if the dealer will permit a home audition for your top one or two choices

You’re not distributor of Soundlab or the brother of the owner? :wink: Sorry to ask, I’m more or less kidding, but the text seemed like that.

I am not the owner.
I have never met the owner.
Have had some email correspondence with the owner though.
Lovely man who could not do enough to help me.
Sort of like another version of Paul actually!
No, I am not the Australian distributer.
I have never met the distributer, who is based in Sydney maybe 1000 km away, as I live in Melbourne.
Again he is a friendly super helpful guy who just can’t do enough!
You know, funny thing, thinking about electrostatic speaker manufacturers, it almost seems that you are spoiled for choice for the sort of companies that Paul is recommending!
Again, David Janszen from JansZen is another of those company owners who resonates very well with me - another Paul!!
But really, the SoundLabs have grabbed my heart a little more!
While I had not consciously thought about Paul’s advice it looks like I had been practicing it without actually being aware!!
Yes, Paul gives some really good advice!
Take care.