Miles Davis Kind of Blue best sounding !?

going to get these dsd 256 soon, most for the 2 tracks i use to listen most of kind of blue (tracks all blues and flamenco sketches);

ps. how do you get the files? is it in 2 folders, one with the corrected speed and other with the pure dsd? how do you know which one is which?

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According to their website, tracks 6, 7, 8 have been speed corrected, with tracks 1 to 5 in pure DSD

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Yes, as @adifferentpaul says, the metadata will show these as tracks 6, 7 and 8. Mine came in a separate folder labeled “speed corrected tracks”. And the name of each track includes “(speed corrected)”:


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thank you

I got the 45rpm on my turntable and wow! The clarity and resolution are amazing. Certainly more than the 33.

I can’t say whether all of it is because of the 45 vs 33 or because I’m using a better phono stage than what I had when I played the 33.

I’ll take it either way.