Minor quirk with PST

I notice with my PST that the counter on the display may lag for a second so the counter will start counting down from 0:00 about one second after the track starts and the next track to follow may start at 0:01 seconds on the timer on the display. Other than this minor quirk the player works flawlessly. Does anyone else notice this or is it just me.

Mine does the exact same thing. Like you said, doesnt impact musicality.

As long as it is normal and not a flaw in my player. Thanks for your reply. I feel better knowing it is simply the way the player is.

Does anyone else notice this?

Mine’s across the room from my chair, so I can’t see the timer that well.

Apparently the lag in the timer is the norm for the PST players but what I have noticed is that although a second or so lag the timer itself is actually accurate per on the individual track. So if a track is 2:20 seconds long and there is a second lag then the timer will start at 2:19 and counting down. I love my PST.

I watched mine up close just now, and confirm it also does this. And as you say, it seems to make logical sense when the display is in “time remaining” mode.

As Craig says above. Maybe set the counter timer to the elapsed time won’t have this “problem”