Is anyone having issues with the new PST getting stuck playing discs?

I have had my PST for about a year, and every now and then, it will meet a disc that it will not play completely through. It gets stuck at a certain point and eventually just stops and the screen/timer goes back to zero. I sent four problematic discs to a friend who has a PST, and he had no issues with those discs. They have been cleaned with the stuff from MOFI and do not appear damaged in any way. Just curious.

Sorry that you’re having issues. The PST is the source of the majority (90-95%) of my listening on my main system and I have not encountered the problem you describe. I should add that it’s only been in that system for just over 6 months.

It sounds like your PST needs to visit the mothership. I have had mine since it first came out and I have never had that issue. Give them a call.

Thanks. it happens on about one in 20 discs but my friend Bob has a PST and he played them with no issues. I cannot figure out why these discs do cause problems

Please let us know what PS Audio tells you after you speak with them.

Gosh I hate to give it up. I have a bad addiction to my music :blush:

Will do. Most likely if it gets worse I will contact James

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That is why I also have a PWT that I use regularly! I would be out if the DAC had to leave though!

I will have to borrow a streamer or something if I have to send it back.

It is weird for sure

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Do you know if it’s always the same discs that get stuck?

Four different ones at this point and none caused issues with my friend’s PST. Cannot figure out the cause as they are not scratched that I can see

My 1 year old PST successfully plays anything, scratched, gouged and dirty.

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Both CD and SACD work fine on my 2-year-old PST. However, when I play DVD data disks that I burned from downloads (DSD and AIFF mainly), some of them would skip a track or two. Occasionally the PST would not read the disk, but after a few tries it could. I can never figure it out, but it is not to a point that bothers me yet.

Dang you want to swap :blush:. Mine is so touchy so something is obviously wrong.


Thanks. It is so random but it does happen on about 1 out of 20 and sometimes just for a second or two, and sometimes it gets so stuck it just stops

I have not experienced this issue.

Does seem to be very rare. Thanks for letting me know

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They will most likely replace the drive in it when you send it for service.

They have superb customer service.

I have a CD player non PST that has me stuck in my chair listening late at night. :confounded:

That’s an issue on nights before work.