PST Reading a borderline cd

Ive had the PST for almost a year now and really am amazed on how great it sounds. Minimal issues but I have a question. A couple of weeks ago I bought the Waterboys “1985” box set which is really great. Out of 6 cd’s, for some reason the PST took forever to recognise disk four. I tried to play it a few times but gave up after an extended wait. Typically the PST takes less than 15-30? seconds to recoginise and play a disk. The disk plays fine on my pc drive,
I cleaned the cd and still the PST took forever and I gave up. Yesterday I cleaned it again and put it in the PST and left it there and sure enough it was recognised and played fine.
Question I have…is this expected on hard to read/marginal/.dirty cd’s?? Was the reason for waiting a huge amount of time because the PST was dumping the bits/pits into memory and had issues with errors??? Is this how it works, transferring the entire cd into memory or if it uses a memory buffer does it slice it up into many chunks Any ideas on whats going on here as its really the only cd Ive seen this long wait to be recognized,

When I run across this issue I rip the DC and then burn a copy of the CD for playback.

Computers are often able to read and address more errors than transports in my experience.


Thanks Ill definitely do that as the box set is great but sold out now,
I was re ally interested on why the long wait as 1st couple of times I gave up

An annoying problem, but I hope this works for you.

I never had issue playing CD/SACD. But playing data DVD there was often a “reading forever” issue. When it happened Turing off the back switch would cure it.

Another problem is I had PST turned off by itself in the middle of playing CDs a couple of times last week. In the past it happed occasionally when I switched from CD to DSD, but never twice in a week. I can never figured out why. Could it be the fancy M1 fuse cause that? No idea.

The PST uses a digital lense with a tiny buffer. It reads the CD on the fly just as every other CD player out there. It does not do digital audio extraction like the PWT does. The ability to play a disk or not is strictly a function of the Marantz drive that the PST uses.