Missing Unit ID

I just received my DMP today and it will not recognize the DSP DAC. The connections read None None on the Stereo line, even though I have it connected with the included HDMI cable to the I2S input/output. I also noticed that the Unit ID on the DAC is missing. It just appears as a line of white blocks. I have rebooted several times and reconnected the cables as well. What else is there? Thanks!

There’s a small chance your DS hasn’t a unit ID installed. Can you contact customer service? They can run you through the process quickly and get you up and going again.

Thanks, Paul! Will do that this afternoon. Thanks again for your quick response!


Welcome, DrDinsdale!

Please report back with your impressions once you have everything up and running.

Thanks to the tech support guys, all is good. It took installing a Bridge and refreshing the unit with an internet link. Thanks again!